Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Azzaro Pour Homme Aftershaves

One of the most enjoyable parts of my morning ritual is slapping on an aftershave after I'm done shaving.  Both the wonderful smell and the bracing sting you get when you first splash it on are invigorating.  Because I have an enormous cologne collection, I don't have the storage space to be buying bottles of aftershave matching every fragrance I own.  That's why I limit my aftershave purchases only to my absolute favorite fragrances.  That's why obviously I was quick to buy both the Azzaro Pour Homme aftershave lotion and balm.  Azzaro Pour Homme is perhaps the greatest masculine perfume ever made, and is one of my all-time favorites.  Compared to Azzaro Pour Homme, most other men's fragrances smell like they were thrown together by hacks.

For those of you who don't use or know much about aftershaves, here's a primer.  There are two main types of aftershaves: lotions and balms.  Lotions look, feel and smell just like cologne.  They are in liquid form.  You splash a lotion on your face right after shaving, and the lotion (a good lotion) will close up your pores and tighten and tone up the skin on your face, giving you a buffed-out, clean-shaven look (lotions are sometimes called "toners").  A good aftershave will smell good, will have exactly the same scent as its matching cologne, and will usually be a lot weaker than the matching cologne.  The only problem with lotions is their usually high alcohol content, which can dry out your skin.  That's where aftershave balms come in.  Balms are, ideally, meant to put on your face after you put a lotion on and your pores have closed up.  They come in cream or gel form.  An aftershave balm moisturizes your face, and gives it a clean-shaven sheen.  Assuming you didn't cut yourself into a bloody mess while shaving, using both an aftershave lotion and balm together will make your face look like a million bucks.

Azzaro Pour Homme Aftershave Lotion

Azzaro Pour Homme's lotion is a great product.  It does a nice job of toning the face, giving you a nice sharp sting when you splash it on.  It doesn't burn like fire, like lousy aftershaves do, but does give a nice invigorating sting.  Best of all, the stuff smells awesome.  It's exactly the same scent as the Azzaro Pour Homme eau de toilette (EDT), and in fact, I find that putting this lotion on actually enhances the experience of wearing the EDT..  It makes the fragrance smell richer and more herbal, as well as stronger.  The Azzaro smell seems to last longer when I wear both the aftershave lotion and the EDT.  This is an excellent product, and is a mandatory purchase for any big fan of Azzaro Pour Homme.  If you shave, that is.

MY RATING:  10/10

Azzaro Pour Homme Aftershave Balm
      Unfortunately I can't say the same about the balm.  I don't like this product.  The reason I don't is because it doesn't smell very good.  Unlike the lotion, the aftershave balm doesn't really smell like Azzaro Pour Homme.  The balm has this sour, pounding herbal scent that smells rubbery and synthetic.  Sure, it does a good job of moisturizing your face, but the pungency of the scent actually overpowers the smell of the EDT, and Azzaro Pour Homme EDT is a strong fragrance.  I find that when I use the balm, all I can smell is the balm for most of the day.  Therefore, I no longer use this stuff.  

MY RATING:  3/10

So the moral of the story here is this: if you love Azzaro Pour Homme, definitely buy a bottle of the aftershave lotion.  You can buy it individually or in a gift set with a bottle of the EDT.  However, I'd stay away from the balm.  You're probably better off using the lotion and some unscented aftershave balm from a drugstore.


  1. Wow.This is the first time I hear that AS balm is used a f t e r AS lotion.I had always assumed that balm was the superior skin care and is used instead. In fact,I apply it just the other way round.After shaving I use a scentless balm and layer it with an EdC or EdT.I remember reading that this will increase longevity and of course it saves you the bucks for a product's AS balm version.

    1. I put the balm on after the lotion because the lotion has all the alcohol in it, so it dries out your skin if you don't put the balm on after that. The lotion tightens up the pores on your face, while the balm moisturizes after that.

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