Friday, September 16, 2011

Ferrari Uomo

I don't have a lot of experience with Ferrari scents, but I know that this brand has a reputation of putting out mediocre fragrances.  I have no idea if this reputation is justified, because I've only smelled two of them - Ferrari Racing and this, Ferrari Uomo.  I thought Ferrari Racing was a pretty good fragrance, and Ferrari Uomo is a very good fragrance.

Ferrari should be commended for selling such a high quality product for such a reasonable price.  They really pulled out all the stops with this release, sparing no expense, from what I can tell.  The niche perfume industry could learn a thing or two from Ferrari. 

I know this is a blog about scents, but I cannot review this fragrance without raving about the packaging.  It's stunning.  It has probably the most beautiful, impressive bottle I have ever seen for a men's fragrance: the bottle is made of very thick, heavy glass, weighing about as much as a good paperweight.  It has an elegant, svelte shape that looks great and feels luxurious when you hold it.  The cap is metal with leather stitched all around it; it's meant to look just like the stick shift in a classic Ferrari sports car, and for this car buff, it nails it perfectly.  Even the cardboard box is impressive.  

On to the scent itself.  In a nutshell, I would call this a light woody, spicy leather fragrance.  Unlike most leather fragrances, this is not a strong, powerful scent.  It's subtle and discreet, so I think you'll find this an appropriate wear for any occasion, no matter who you're with.  Yes, it's a good scent to wear at the office because it won't offend anyone, but that doesn't mean it's boring. 

For the first several hours, what I smell is mostly cedar and leather.  I'm not wild about this combination because the cedar makes the leather here smell sharp and thin, and I like my leathers to smell rich, warm and husky.  However, the scent does exude a great deal of class, and this really is quite a gentlemanly fragrance.  For me, Ferrari Uomo really is at its best after I've worn it for about five or six hours (this is a very long lasting fragrance), when the patchouli finally makes its way through, and combined with the cedar this becomes a more aromatic and spicy fragrance.  The drydown is superb.

Even though woody spicy fragrances aren't my favorite style, what is most impressive about Ferrari Uomo is the quality of its scent.  It is well balanced and elegant, and it smells like it's made of good quality, mostly natural ingredients.  Ferrari Uomo is a class act all the way, and is something this company ought to be proud of.

MY RATING:  8/10


  1. My dad has a bottle of Ferrari. I dont think you have a review done of it. Its in a black bottle with no writing, just the logo. Its not the extreme or the uomo. Do you know what it is? From what I can tell it has a strong vanilla scent throughout.... I LOVE it because it smells very masculine.

    1. It's called Ferrari Black. I've never worn it, only spritzed it on my hand once a few years ago in a store. I didn't like it because it's not my style, but I've refrained from doing a review of it until I have a chance to actually wear it for a day. Thanks for the reminder, because I really should review that one. I see it in a lot of stores, so I'm sure there are a lot of people who'd be interested in reading a review of it.