Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jade East Musk

I almost feel an obligation to review Jade East Musk, since I am not aware of a single review of it anywhere.  Plus I think it's pretty good.

If you're into really old-school styled colognes - and I'm talking about those from the 1960's or 1970's in particular - then this is worth a try.  The original Jade East cologne was a big hit in the States back in the Sixties, riding on the popularity of macho man fougeres like Brut and Hai Karate.  In the 70's, musk was all the rage, and I have to believe that this was an attempt at jumping onto that musk bandwagon.  Regardless, this is still a good musk fragrance that, although certainly old-school and representative of its era, surprisingly has a timelessness that makes this scent still smell relevant today.

This is a no-frills musk.  It's not a filthy, raunchy musk, nor is it a boring laundry detergent styled musk.  It's a pretty low-key, semi-powdery musk that is enhanced by lavender, light wood and floral notes.  It's a soft, dry and transparent scent that smells clean, but not boring.  There are no sharp, jagged notes sticking out of this scent, so we're talking about a fragrance that is very well blended and balanced.  All its various smells join and complement one another very nicely, and together they create a natural and very classic masculine smell. 

If I were to compare this to another fragrance, I'd say that it smells a lot like the classic Tabac Original eau de cologne (by Maurer & Wirtz), but with a prominent musk note.  Like Tabac, Jade East Musk is not aggressive or assertive.  It's just a comfortable scent to wear, with good staying power.  It's also very versatile, and appropriate for any occasion, whether it be a black tie event or grilling hot dogs in your backyard.

Some people might find Jade East Musk a little boring, and that's my biggest personal gripe about it.  Granted, we're not talking about Kouros here.  Plus, I'm not sure Jade East Musk really suits me, even if I can appreciate its qualities.  However, I think fragrances like this do fill a need for continuing to produce lines of classic scents that always smell good and never go out of style.MY RATING:  7.5/10
Fragrance House:  Regency Cosmetics (formerly by Songo)


  1. A very refreshing twist to Jade East. Musk adds sophistication with an element of mystic. Try it you will be surprised.

  2. Jade East use to be one of my favorite colognes, now were talking 40 something years ago maybe? I might pick up a small bottle and see if its how I remenber it. What was some other old after shaves or colognes? Canoe, British Sterling,? Thanks, JohnnyG