Thursday, October 6, 2011

Carlo Corinto

Do you love the smell of Christmas trees?  Have you ever wanted to smell like a walking pine tree?  Then Carlo Corinto (also known as "Carlo Corinto Classic") should be on your list of must-trys.

The smell of pine is one of my favorite fragrance notes.  It's a scent that is invigorating, brisk, and lifts the spirits.  Unfortunately, I've tried very few fragrances that capture the smell of pine well, and even fewer that can sustain the pine smell for more than a few minutes.  Fortunately, Corinto does both well.

Carlo Corinto, to me, smells like a Christmas tree, blended with just a little drop of amber to round the scent off and give it a touch of sweetness.  I'd classify this as a woody oriental fragrance.  As I said before, pine is a smell that typically doesn't last very long, but this fragrance somehow is able to sustain that wonderful pine tree smell for its entire duration.  I don't know if, technically, it's actual pine oil that I'm smelling for so long; I'm guessing that it's the combination of juniper and patchouli that creates a sort of olfactory illusion of a long-lasting pine smell.  Whatever it is, it smells great.

Carlo Corinto was released in the 1980s, and many other reviewers have written about this being super strong.  Personally, I don't find it very strong; it lasts a good eight hours or more, but its scent is not aggressive and it stays pretty close to the skin.  Also, supposedly there's leather and moss in this - essential ingredients in any 80s-styled scent - but I don't smell any.  No, for me this is a total pine-fest, and is all the better for it.

As an aside, I believe Carlo Corinto has been reformulated since the time it was first released.  The list of fragrance notes from 1987 is different from what is listed on their website.  I have never smelled vintage Corinto; the version I'm reviewing is the current version.

This is a good fragrance for any fan of pine scents.  If you've ever like the smell of pine soaps, candles or potpourris, but wondered why no one has ever captured that smell in a wearable fragrance, then this is for you.  It's also very unique, unlike any other scent in my large fragrance collection.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Carlo Corinto

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  1. Do you know who Carlo Corinto is/was? I really like this scent but somehow had never heard of the brand--is he a designer? Great scent, my SOTD, in fact.