Sunday, October 16, 2011

Casaque Homme

There is no relation between this fragrance and the other Casaque fragrance for men that I reviewed earlier; the similarity in name is purely coincidental.  Casaque by Vermeil was a good strong, manly 80's-styled cologne.  Casaque Homme by Orlane, by contrast, is a prissy smelling powder bomb.

I can't stand fragrances like this.  Casaque Homme is an old fashioned sweet lavender and orange blossom scent, in a style that has been done countless times before.  If you've ever smelled Newport by Caswell-Massey, or Desire by Dunhill, or Altamir by Ted Lapidus, then you know what type of fragrance I'm talking about here.  If you've never smelled orange blossom before, it's a soapy, sweet floral smell that tends to overpower any fragrance that contains it, and Casaque Homme is no exception; it gives fragrances a very powdery, fussy, primped-up smell that drives me bananas. 

Casaque Homme is mostly orange blossom, and its prissiness is put into even greater relief with its big wallop of coumarin.  I smell like a vanilla cookie in a pot of flowers when I wear Casaque Homme.  I've never understood why any man would want to walk around smelling like ths, because orange blossom to me smells anything but manly.  This is a scent that I'd expect a Victorian dandy to wear.  I feel like I should be wearing an ascot or a powdered wig when I smell orange blossom.  I hate the stuff.

In all fairness, even though I don't like Casaque Homme, it isn't an inherently terrible fragrance.  There are people who like this type of fragrance, otherwise there wouldn't be so many of them in the market to choose from.  Casaque Homme is well blended for this type of scent, and it smells like it's made of quality ingredients.  If you like sweet orange blossom scents, then you may very well like this a lot.  If that's your style, then I say go for it.

Also to be fair, I have to say that one thing Orlane did do well with this scent is get its strength just right.  Casaque Homme is a discreet fragrance, and its low volume suits this type of scent perfectly.  This would smell totally obnoxious if it had powerhouse strength, and I think anyone who does like this style of fragrance would agree with that.

If I were to rate Casaque Homme purely on my own tastes, I'd give it one point out of ten.  I think it sucks.  However, I acknowledge that it's more of an issue of personal taste for me, and that this is a well made scent for people who like this style of fragrance.

As for me, this is one bottle that's going to be collecting dust in my collection.

MY RATING:  4/10

Fragrance House:  Orlane

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