Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have no clue about when this fragrance was first released, but it sure smells like a rough and tough 80's scent to me.  I read somewhere that this came out in 1956, but I find that hard to believe since this totally smells like an 80's styled leathery chypre to me.  Even the box and the bottle look like total 80's style.

Though it doesn't have bulldozing power, Casaque still cranks out some seriously macho aroma.  Calling this the child of Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui and Drakkar Noir sums up Casaque well.  It's crude and rough around the edges, and that's part of its appeal.  It's a thick, dense and dark fragrance, with a very strong scent of juniper.  I love juniper because it's a nice substitute for pine: it has the crisp, resinous smell of pine, only more bitter and longer lasting.  Juniper was a very common ingredient in 80's powerhouse fragrances for men, and Casaque is right on that bandwagon.  Oakmoss is also very strong in Casaque, and when it blends with the juniper and leather, the whole fragrance smells dark green.  The dark forest green bottle and box totally suit this fragrance.

Casaque won't knock you on the floor with its originality or strength, but it's still got plenty of balls, and is worth sampling for fans of strong powerhouse fragrances.  Fans of aquatic or androgynous smelling fragrances would probably squirm at the mere thought of wearing this.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Jean-Louis Vermeil

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