Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Centaure - Revised Review

Since the time I wrote my review of Pierre Cardin's Centaure, I've had the opportunity to wear this a few more times, and I feel I need to revise my review.

Though I'm still not crazy about this scent, I have to say that it's a bit better than I originally thought.  Centaure smells like it makes prominent use of both juniper and incense, and together they give Centaure a bright, sharp woody edge that I like.  This brisk woodiness lasts for the entire duration of the scent, which I also like.

However, my biggest problem with Centaure is that it still all smells very synthetic and clumsily constructed, as I described in my prior review.  Because of this, Centaure is not a fragrance I expect I'll be reaching for very often, but at least it's wearable and somewhat enjoyable.


Fragrance House:  Pierre Cardin

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