Thursday, October 13, 2011

Enrico Sebastiano For Men

In my review below of Casaque, I described a powerscent that, though strong and masculine, won't take your head off with its strength.  By contrast, this fragrance, Enrico Sebastiano, has a scent that doesn't quit.  My friend Aromi wrote a good review of this on his blog Il Mondo di Odore (see link at the bottom of this page), describing this as a "high octane" fragrance.  With a description like that, I knew I had to buy a bottle.

Enrico Sebastiano doesn't disappoint in the power department, that's for sure.  It goes on strong in the beginning and sustains its muscle for hours and hours.  It projects like nuclear fallout, and I can still smell it 24 hours after putting it on.  Only soap and a shower will get the smell off your skin.

As for the way this smells, there is a very strong resemblance to Quorum.  Like Quorum, this is a leather and moss bomb, only with even more leather than Quorum.  It is both extremely spicy and leathery, just like Quorum, though not quite as dark.  In fact, those who miss the old formulation of Quorum would do well to try this, because the similarities are numerous.  The smell is total 80's powerbomb, and would go well with an open shirt and hairy chest. 

Even with all this macho power, Sebastiano doesn't blow me away.  I like it, but I don't love it.   The reason I don't love it is because there is a very dry powderiness that pervades the whole scent from beginning to end.  It's not a barbershop-styled talc smell, but rather a kind of annoying powdery leather smell that I find hard to describe.  I suppose the problem for me when it all comes down to it is that I'm not crazy about the way the leather smells in this.  I like oily leather smells that have a certain glow to them.  This is dry and dusty, and it irritates me a bit.  Luckily the powderiness doesn't completely ruin the fragrance for me; there are enough good qualities in this that make me want to wear it every once in a while.

Overall, however, this is a good scent for any powerhead's arsenal.  You will not be disappointed at its strength, I can assure you.  It's well constructed and made of quality materials from what I can smell.  I expect a lot of fans of 80's fragrances will really love this.  I suppose it's just not quite to my taste.

MY RATING:  7.5/10

Fragrance House:  Enrico Sebastiano

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