Saturday, October 1, 2011


Anyone dumb enough to say that perfumery isn't an art form must have never smelled Moods.  Out of the many hundreds of perfumes I have owned or sampled since the early 1990s, Moods Uomo is probably the most beautiful.  I have no hesitation in saying that this is the perfect fragrance for me, in every way. 

I don't think any fragrance I've smelled blends its various ingredients as seamlessly as this does.  Golden tobacco leaf is the dominant smell here, but over time it gives way to perfectly blended rose, patchouli, moss and leather, making Moods subtly aromatic and putting it right into 80s powerhouse territory. 

This is a very masculine scent, but not the brash, macho fist-pounding type.  It doesn't slam you to the floor like other power scents do.  The expert way in which the ingredients are blended give this scent an ethereal feel, projecting far but in gentle wisps that you smell all day.  This is the smoothest, most suave fragrance I have ever worn.  You get a ton of bang for your buck with Moods too, because the scent lasts almost 24 hours on skin.

Every perfume lover has been asked this question: if you could have your perfect fragrance custom made for you, what would it smell like?  For many years, I've had an idea in my head of what my perfect cologne would smell like, and Moods nails it perfectly.  This is a masterpiece.

MY RATING:  10/10

Fragrance House:  Krizia


  1. I'll have to sample this one.

    1. WOW! Just got this today and it is fantastic! I'm a big fan of Givenchy Gentleman but this eclipses it. As smooth as anything I own (200+ scents), available at a great price, and for me maybe my new quintessential scent. Just awesome stuff!

  2. Ok so if this is a chypre it is up there with Polo, Devin, and 1-12 as my favorite.

  3. Trusting your reviews as I do, you *really* have me interested in this one.