Saturday, October 29, 2011


Speick is a men's eau de cologne from Germany that seems to be ignored or unknown by perfume enthusiasts.  I read about this scent on Badger & Blade (see link at the bottom of the page), a website dedicated to traditional wet shaving, and it seems like the wetshavers are the only guys who give a damn about Speick.  That's a shame, because this is an excellent fragrance that is very refined and versatile, yet costs very little money.

Speick is a light, citrusy lavender cologne that reeks of class.  It smells clean, restrained and sophisticated, but it's not boring.  Underlying the crisp lavender and lime is a musky, slightly sweet powdery smell, which gives the scent some warmth and richness without weighing it down.  It's a masculine, well-groomed gentleman's smell.  This may be a German fragrance, but the style is classic French all the way.  Wear this regularly, and people around you will know you've got good taste.

For all you fragheads out there, I'll tell you that Speick is a traditional fougere that reminds me a lot of Guerlain's Jicky, albeit less complex.  I've never seen a list of notes for Speick, but I can tell there's a lot of civet in here.  The civet never rises to dirty litterbox level of poopiness, but you know it's in there; as often happens with civet, it has the effect of flattening out the sharp lavender and citrus notes and adds a smell of sweat to a fragrance.  The lavender-lime-musk-civet combination, plus its powderiness, makes Speick a dream scent for the dandy on a budget. 

Speick is a bonafide bargain because it's elegant, smells great, and costs peanuts.  This does not smell at all like a cheap cologne.  If you're into the real old-school stuff like Kanon, Agua Lavanda, Ho Hang Club, The Baron, etc., you're sure to like Speick.

To find it on the web, your best bet is to search websites that sell shaving supplies.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Speick

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