Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Connect Men

Looks are deceiving with Connect Men.  The aqua-blue bottle looks like a nautical buoy, leading you to think that there's some weak-ass aquatic fragrance inside.  Also, it was released in 2006 - not exactly a year known for ballsy men's fragrances.

Make no mistake: Connect Men is a powerhouse, and a welcome throwback to the style of the Eighties.  What's more, it smells animalic and dirty.  Now this is my kind of cologne.

Like many 80's styled scents, Connect is yet another aromatic fougere that shares similarities with Drakkar Noir.  However, this one sets itself apart from all other Drakkar clones by containing large amounts of musk and civet.  What's civet?  Civet is an oil extracted from the anal glands of a wild cat.  Needless to say, civet often gives fragrances a filthy, beastly smell, and Connect Men is no exception.  It smells like Drakkar Noir being worn by a wild boar rolling around a compost pile of rotting fruit.  Having said that, I have to say that Connect also smells a lot like Kouros, especially in the drydown.  To put it in elegant perfume-speak, it smells like one part Drakkar mixed with two parts Jicky. 

Though it doesn't have the brutal power of a Kouros or Lapidus Pour Homme, this is a pretty strong scent.  It goes on strong, then quiets down to moderate levels of projection for a few hours.  Interestingly, after about the fifth hour Connect seems to get a second wind, and projects very strongly.  Besides, Connect Men totally has that mossy/aromatic uber-masculine smell that is so representative of powerhouse fragrances.  This is why I consider it to be a legitimate power scent.

If you don't like Drakkar or Kouros, you probably won't like this.  If you think Drakkar Noir smells like a group of sweaty men, Connect will make you die.  If you don't like scents that smell a little "ripe", you definitely won't like Connect.  If you don't like power scents, you won't like Connect either. 

On the other hand, if you like your colognes strong and macho, you will totally love this fragrance.  I know I do.  This is super bold, daring stuff compared to what's being released these days.

MY RATING:  9/10

Fragrance House:  Jivago


  1. Damn! This is some good ass shit LOL.

  2. It certainly is. Considering the high rating I gave it, I should wear it a lot more often than I do.

  3. I just wish it was as strong as Classic Match Drakkar.

  4. just bought this blind, great addition

  5. Can I ask, what makes you gravitate towards those 'animalic, brutal, filthy, sweaty' frags, Shamu? It'd be a very interesting topic to discuss.

    1. I like them for a couple of reasons. One is because they're different from what I'm used to smelling from what's popular these days - constantly smelling clean and sweet gets boring after a while. Animalic fragrances smell daring. The other reason I like them is that they smell like passion to me, if that makes any sense.