Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Derrick is a mean, rough old 70s fragrance - an aromatic fougere with a bad attitude.  You can tell by the way this smells - spicy, woody and mossy - that it's an old seasoned veteran from the days of open shirts, gold chains and hairy chests, but it manages to separate itself from all the other competition from its era with its very unique smell.

I've never smelled a 70s fragrance for men that smells as dark and unsmiling, even morose, as Derrick.  It's what I'd expect Azzaro Pour Homme to smell like if its main ingredients - wood, patchouli, anise, moss - were burnt.  Derrick has a craggy, almost rusty smell to it, making its dark brown bottle and black cap the perfect packaging to house this dire smelling juice.  It smells like black, smoky oakmoss with charred patchouli, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin and sandalwood added for full spicy impact.

Derrick is not a smooth fragrance - it has a rough, almost jagged, texture and feel, an old powerhouse that wasn't quite hip enough to get on the guest list at Studio 54.  That's certainly fine with me, because it's unlike any other fragrance in my collection.  They say nothing's certain in life, but I know I'm not going to run into anyone else wearing this, unless I'm at a party for powerheads. 

Derrick may not have pulverizing strength, but it's got powerhouse swagger.  Its scent stays close to your skin, rather than pumping out clouds of sillage.  It smells tame and reserved at a distance, but menacing and surly up close.  It's like that big mean dog chained to a tree in your neighbor's yard - if you keep your distance, he'll stay in the yard and not bother you.  Get too close, and he'll bite you.

An interesting, grouchy fragrance that will liven up any powerhouse collection.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Orlane

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