Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jordache Man

I try to keep a lot variety in this blog by reviewing different styles of fragrances for men.  However, few things satisfy me more than wearing and reviewing a good old meat-and-potatoes powerhouse like this one. 

I remember when Jordache designer jeans were all the rage back in the late 70s when I was a kid.  Jordache Man cologne was released in 1983, well after the designer jeans fad had fizzled out, but it smells totally like a 70's styled power scent.  This is a big macho aromatic fougere very much in the style of Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, only a little stronger.  It smells like Paco Rabanne with leather, though it doesn't smell green like Paco does.  It's a simple fragrance: basically strong lavender bolstered by leather, sandalwood and oakmoss.  It may not be unique, but it smells damn good, and that's good enough for me.

Again, this is very much a 70's styled cologne.  Some will think it smells outdated and sleazy, and should be worn with a leisure suit at a disco.  Obviously those people are not fans of powerhouse scents. 

What matters to me is that Jordache Man is a frag with major balls, and it smells great.  That's a lot more than I can say about Back to Black. 

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Jordache


  1. I get a lot of patchouli with this one!

  2. I can't say I smell a lot of patchouli in Jordache, but I do detect some. I think patchouli is what makes this an aromatic scent. For me, the leather and lavender smell the most dominant.

  3. Okay, I did an ankle sampling a couple hours ago. At first I detect lemon and strong herbal aromatics (though top notes aren't generally my thing). The drydown is like Worth Pour Homme Haute Concentration, except that oakmoss is swapped out in favor of patchouli. In other words, you get the spice and amber, and of course our good friend lavender.

  4. An ankle sampling? How would you do that?

  5. Apply a couple inches above the ankle. This way, top notes don't cause olfactory fatigue. Then, whenever you want to see how it is developing, you can cross your legs and use one of your hands to waft it to your nose. This also allows you to wear three fragrances each day, if you want to enjoy one and sample the other two.

  6. When I smelled this I remember trying to think of what Paco smelled like before I ever tried it, and this is what I expected Paco to smell like.