Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo

This may not be the most unique fragrance around, but damn, it's a good one.  This is a dry and earthy woody citrus scent that is totally Italian and Mediterranean in style, particularly with its prominent use of pine and citrus.

I say that Uomo isn't unique because it smells a lot like Antonio Puig's Agua Brava.  Like Agua Brava, this is the smell of citrus, herbs and sunshine in a pine forest.  Perhaps it's not exactly pine I'm smelling(juniper is listed), but there's certainly a strong smell of coniferous trees in here, which is close enough for me.  I also smell a lot of vetiver, which too is dry and enhances the sunny, woody smell. 

Over time, that piney smell seamlessly gives way to an aromatic base of sandalwood, incense and patchouli, closing out the scent beautifully.  I don't see leather listed as a note, but I think I smell dry leather in there as well.  What's more is that at all times, Uomo smells like it's a purely natural fragrance, without a synthetic smell anywhere to be found.  This is the smell of a Mediterranean forest, the smell of nature.

Despite all this good stuff, I don't see myself buying a bottle of Uomo.  The reason for this is because it really does smell a lot like Agua Brava, which I already own and which costs about a quarter of the price.  I simply have a hard time justifying paying $80 for a cologne that smells just as good as one that costs $20 for a bottle twice its size.

Pricing aside, however, this is a winner all the way, and a no-brainer for anyone who loves coniferous, woody citrus fragrances.

MY RATING:  8.5/10

House:  Lorenzo Villoresi

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