Monday, November 7, 2011

Nazareno Gabrielli Pour Homme

I don't smell a lot of what's listed as notes in this fragrance.  I just read something listing geranium, sage, mint, orange, and a whole bunch of other fruits, flowers and herbs as being ingredients in Nazareno Gabrielli Pour Homme, but I don't smell them.

This 1996 creation smells like it's trying to fit a leathery powerhouse scent into the context of the watery textured aquatic fragrances that were all the rage at that time.  I think it succeeds.  What you have here is a dry leathery fougere on top of a semi-aquatic backdrop, and fortunately the aquatic features don't dominate.  Though leather isn't listed as an ingredient, I certainly smell it in the background, and it's what gives this scent its masculine smell.  I also smell tobacco and sandalwood, which give Nazareno Gabrielli Pour Homme an aromatic feel in the drydown.

This fragrance smells a lot like Good Life by Davidoff, only without the green melon note.  Like Good Life, Nazareno represents pretty typical 1990s masculine fragrance style, before aquatic and woody spicy fragrances became truly androgynous, like perfume eunuchs.  As such, some people might think it's a bit dated, but it smells nice and masculine, even if it's not a bruiser like colognes from the decade before it.

Though it's not an amazing scent, Nazareno Gabrielli Pour Homme is a good choice if either you can no longer score yourself a bottle of Good Life (which has been discontinued), or if you want a 90's styled fragrance that still has some balls.

MY RATING:  7/10

House:  Nazareno Gabrielli

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