Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Sartorial is the complete opposite of what I like to wear for a fragrance.  It smells sweet, floral, powdery and prissy - all bad qualities in a men's scent for me.  It smells like it came right out of the How To Make A Dandified Fragrance handbook.  I don't like fragrances that are sweet and powdery, especially ones that smell like they come from the Victorian era.  Sartorial pushes all of those buttons.

However, I think Sartorial is a good fragrance.  I would never wear this, but I can't deny that it's a very well made and perfectly blended scent.  The sweet English lavender melds beautifully with the musk, honey and orange blossom, creating perfect equilibrium and making this an extremely comfortable fragrance to wear.

Ignore the lists of notes you might read online about Sartorial.  They mention silly things like "ozone effect", "metallic effect" and other ridiculous smells that make this sound like a chemical soup.  Sartorial is nothing of the kind.  This is Victorian England in a bottle, a sweet floral fougere for the upper crust dandy.  There is nothing modern about this fragrance whatsoever, and I don't smell any chemical, metallic, ozone, etc. smells at all in this.  This is classified as a fougere, and I definitely smell the lavender and tonka bean in this, but it totally lacks the crisp, green smell that a great classical fougere has.  I find it way too creamy and sweet smelling to consider it a legitimate fougere.   

If you're a fan of old British styled masculines, then you've smelled fragrances just like this before.  There is nothing really unique about Sartorial, but its quality cannot be ignored.  It's just way too sweet and fussy smelling for me to ever want to wear.  I've never really liked this style of fragrance, and probably never will, but if this is your style, Sartorial is a must-try.

MY RATING: 7.5/10

Fragrance House:  Penhaligon's

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