Saturday, December 31, 2011

English Leather Black

Being a big fan of English Leather, I hoped and expected to like English Leather Black.  No go.  This is an awful scent.

The first half hour or so is promising.  It smells fruity, sweet and aromatic, is quite enjoyable, and led me to expect a spicy core underneath those fruity topnotes.  Nope.  Underneath the top notes is a flat, lifeless, almost non-detectable smell that I can only describe in this way: have you ever tried to wash a fragrance off of your skin with soap and water, and then rinse the soap off?  The way your skin smells after rinsing off is what English Leather Black smells like.  In other words, it pretty much smells like nothing.  And that's all there is to this "fragrance".  Boooo!!!!

Scents like English Leather Black give drugstore fragrances a bad name.  Some people don't like the use of the word "cheap" to describe the smell of a perfume, because they claim the word is meaningless and does nothing to describe what a fragrance smells like.  Those people obviously have never smelled English Leather Black.

Stick with Dana's still excellent English Leather.

MY RATING:  3/10

Fragrance House:  Dana

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