Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ferrari Exteme

Do any of you remember Kenzo Pour Homme from 1991?  It was one of the first "aquatic" fragrances to use the aromachemical Calone, which is also popularly known as the "marine note".  Calone is supposed to resemble the smell of the ocean (which I think it does badly), and is the chemical that gives aquatic fragrances their watery smell.  Kenzo smelled like Calone blended with salt and seaweed.  It was a very innovative scent for its time, and although I don't like it very much, I do respect it because it was so groundbreaking back then.

Enter Ferrari Extreme, released in 2006, about 15 years later.  It is neither groundbreaking nor good.  It smells like a very bad imitation of Kenzo Pour Homme, only louder, cruder and more chemically pungent.  Not only that, but it adds to the Calone assault a ghastly accord of lemon and synthetic wood oils.  It smells like Ferrari were trying to combine Kenzo with a generic woody citrus fragrance, and the end result is an obnoxious mess.  It's a confused and nasty scent.

Basically, Ferrari Extreme constitutes two bad fragrance styles, with each one done badly, set on a head-on collision course.  This is awful.

MY RATING:  3/10

Fragrance House:  Ferrari


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