Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I really like the smell of floral fragrances.  Florals for me have a dryness, austerity and complexity that I really enjoy.  I wish there were more floral colognes geared towards men. 

Gandhara is an intense floral, and is another example of a good unisex fragrance, meaning that it smells really masculine on a man and really feminine on a woman.  Because this is a blog about men's fragrances, I'll focus on its masculine qualities. 

Gandhara is strong, daring stuff, and the first thing you'll think when you spray it on is that it smells like urine.  Though the urinary smell doesn't last, I have to say that Gandhara, in one way or another throughout its life on your skin, always maintains a kind of raunchy, sweaty, dirty smell, similar to stinky cheeses or horse shit.  And it gets that smell primarily from very strong, bitter floral notes, which I believe are lilac and dark jasmine.  I actually love the smell, and that's what makes Gandhara so daring and interesting to wear.  The final stages of the scent are even more skanky, with patchouli and a big wallop of filthy musk and castoreum in the base notes.  I also think I smell hints of tobacco and leather in here.  This is a substantial, big fragrance.  Acqua di Gio fans will want nothing to do with Gandhara.

Gandhara qualifies as a floral oriental, and if you're familiar with old-school classics like Zizanie, Royal Copenhagen or Black Suede, Gandhara will strike a chord.  Like with those, the floral notes are strong, and are rounded off with warm amber.  However, Gandhara is not powdery like those are, and it's a lot stronger and more animalic than any of those old warhorses.

Gandhara is a fragrance lover's fragrance.  You'll definitely make a statement by wearing this, if you've got the balls to wear it, that is.  Big thumbs up.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Neil Morris Fragrances

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