Thursday, December 29, 2011


The bottle of Horizon looks like a blue piece of coral, giving the impression that an aquatic fragrance waits for you inside.  If you think of an "aquatic" scent in terms of wimp-outs like Aqua di Gio or Nautica Voyage, you'd be dead wrong with Horizon.  This is not a wimpy scent at all.

A word that better describes Horizon is "oceanic", because it smells cold and salty like the sea.  It's not a fun or cheerful fragrance at all.  It starts off smelling sharp, wet and crisp, due to the grapefruit in the opening, but soon the dark herbal and aromatic elements take over.  There's a very strong salt note in this fragrance, which gives Horizon that ocean water smell, but once it blends in with the dark, dry aromatics like patchouli, black pepper, fennel and oakmoss, the whole fragrance smells like you're sitting at the bottom of the sea.  I feel like I'm at that deepest, darkest part of the ocean floor, where there's no fish or plant life.  Horizon smells stark and dusky, even gloomy, and that's what makes it so interesting.

I can't say I've never smelled anything like this before.  Though it has an oceanic aura to it, at the end of the day Horizon is really a woody spicy scent.  Early 90s fragrances like New West (Aramis), Catalyst For Men (Halston) and Photo (Lagerfeld) have a similar sharp, dry woody and spicy smell, though they lack that sea-like saltiness of Horizon.

I bought a bottle of this about a year ago, wasn't crazy about it, and traded it.  Today my wife found a bottle of it in a bargain store and bought it for me.  I'm glad she did, because I'm wearing it right now, finally realizing what a good fragrance I've been missing for the past year.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Guy Laroche

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  1. Es una de las fragancias más contundentes que he probado. Es diferente a todo lo que puedes oler. Misterioso totalmente.