Monday, January 23, 2012

Classic Match Polo (knockoff of Polo)

Unlike Jordache's knockoff of Polo, Classic Match's knockoff really does smell a lot like the real Polo by Ralph Lauren.  While not exactly the same as the original, this is an aromatic and woody chypre that manages to capture the woody and mossy smell of Polo very well.

I recommend this not only to fans of Polo, but to anyone who loves strong, aromatic powerhouse fragrances.  What Classic Match does is take the basic smell of Polo (i.e., green, woody and mossy) and use it as a foundation on which to build an even more aromatic and woody chypre.  The most noticeable difference is that Classic Match is a lot mossier smelling, and it's got more patchouli and dry wood notes than Polo.  It's basically a cruder version of Polo.  Whereas Polo is versatile and can be worn in many different occasions, Classic Match Polo smells rougher and more macho.

Classic Match Polo is one of my favorite knockoffs.  It smells great, has 24-hour longevity, strong sillage, and a great price.  How can you go wrong with this?  I remember seeing this at my local WalMart a couple of years ago, and I bought five bottles.  This is a great product.

Fragrance House:  Classic Match


  1. Great reccommendation. I was thinking about a bottle of Polo. Instead got Classic Match for $1, really..... $1. You saved me a bundle!

  2. It's great stuff, isn't it? However, I'd still get the real Polo. Although the two are similar, the original is still different and great enough to make it worth getting.

  3. Is the current formulation of this Classic Match just as good as what you tested in 2012? Or should I go vintage?