Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hippie Gypsy

I realize that a review of a fragrance called “Hippie Gypsy” isn’t likely to garner a lot of interest on a men’s fragrance blog.  It doesn’t sound like something  Charles Bronson would wear, that's for sure.  However, I really like this scent and I want to review it, so there you go.

This is another interesting fragrance from Alkemia Perfumes, makers of the excellent Highwayman, which I reviewed a few weeks ago.  Alkemia describes Hippie Gypsy like it's some filthy, earthy brew for free-loving potheads.  On their website is a description of “slightly dirty patchouli”, incense, amber and other stuff associated with the Sixties I guess.  I don’t quite get that when I wear it, though.  I don’t find it particularly dirty smelling either. 

What I do smell is something similar to potpourri  - a blend of spicy, aromatic and floral notes – with patchouli in the background giving it an earthy tang.  It’s a complex fragrance, and what I like most about it is its floral aspects, believe it or not.  I can’t pinpoint what kind of flower is in Hippie Gypsy, but it gives the scent an uplifting, soapy freshness that keeps me wanting to smell it more and more the longer I wear it.  I think without the floral note, this would smell kind of dull and flat.

Some of you might think this fragrance sounds a bit feminine, or you might be turned off by my comparison of this to potpourri.  I know if I read that description, I might not be inclined to try this either, since I’m not a fan of potpourris.  But everything in this scent comes together so nicely, and it’s much more than the sum of its parts.  Personally, I don’t find it overly feminine smelling, and I’m very comfortable wearing this - I still feel like a guy when I wear Hippie Gypsy.  If a square like me can pull this off, so can you.

Hippie Gypsy is a daring fragrance for a man to wear, because it’s nothing like what most people associate with a men’s fragrance.  That fact alone makes it appealing for me, and I plan on ordering a full bottle of this soon (it’s a perfume oil blend, like all of Alkemia’s scents).  I’ll gladly wear this with a suit and tie in court or at a business meeting, I don’t care.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Alkemia Perfumes

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