Monday, January 2, 2012


I've tried a number of Jaguar's perfumes, and while they aren't bad, most of the ones I've sampled (Jaguar For Men, which is outstanding, being the exception) are lacking in the depth department.  What I mean is that they smell really good when you first spray them on, but over time their smell seems to get thinner and thinner.  They smell like incomplete fragrances, as if they're missing a few notes later in their development.

Unfortunately, Vision continues that tradition.  When I bought this, I went against the cardinal rule in choosing a fragrance: to never judge a perfume by its top notes.  Vision really does smell good when you first apply it - it's a nice blend of sweet apples, dry woody notes, and subtle herbs in the background.  What I was hoping for was a scent that lost its sweetness over time, to reveal a more spicy and full-bodied scent. 

Unfortunately that never happens.  Vision remains a pretty static and linear fragrance, with little development over time.  I have no problem with linear scents, but it needs to have a fuller smell in the beginning.  Here, Vision starts off fruity, sweet (from amber) and woody, but over time the fruity notes disappear and nothing else really replaces it.  The scent simply remains primarily a sweet amber and cedar scent.  It doesn't smell bad, but it's boring.

Vision is a very safe fragrance that will not offend anyone.  Fans of sweet woody fragrances might like it, but it's nothing exciting.  It's not for me.  I need something with more teeth.  I should have spent some more time sampling this before I bought it.

MY RATING:  6/10

Fragrance House:  Jaguar

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