Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mayor In the Evening

The full name of this fragrance is "Mayor In the Evening - Created in honour of the Mayor of Moscow".  As you probably guessed, this is a fragrance from Russia, made by Novaya Zarya, which I believe is Russia's only perfume manufacturer.  I've never seen this kind of blatant olfactory ass kissing before, and the whole concept of a perfume made for a mayor is hilarious. 

What's even more hilarious is the fragrance itself.  When you first spray it on, you get this loud, jarring blast of ALCOHOL, shortly after which an odor of lemon and woody urine develops in the heart.  There is no drydown - the scent just disappears.  It has the staying power of a half-hour sitcom.

Mayor In the Evening actually smells a lot like Design by Paul Sebastian, only worse.  I suppose its lousy longevity and sillage is a good thing.  This is so bad, the perfumer was probably shipped to Siberia to pay for his crime.

I'm not trying to take cheap pot shots at Russian fragrances here.  I've also tried Novaya Zarya's Casino For Men, which is a good old-school styled scent, and their Ocean For Men, which is a very good scent, so I don't have any axe to grind.  I'll be posting reviews of those two fragrances soon. 

Mayor In the Evening is a loser fragrance of the first degree.  If the mayor of Moscow smells this bad, he should be impeached.

MY RATING:  2/10

Fragrance House:  Novaya Zarya


  1. This was really entertaining! With your description and the ass-kissing name, I am really intrigued: what does it take for you to give a 1/10 rating? I will have to dig deep into your reviews to find out :)

  2. I try to reserve the "1" rating to the ones that not only smell bad, but actually inspire anger and disgust on my part. Fragrances that are so bad they outrage me. Otherwise, the "1" rating wouldn't have much meaning!

    The reason I didn't give Mayor In the Evening a "1/10" was because, although it's terrible, it didn't quite make me want to rip my face off. There were a few minutes where it was only slightly offensive, when the synthetic lemon and woody notes managed to blend fairly well with the urine note. I guess lemony pee pee smells better than the pure stuff.

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  4. By the way MOS, I can think of two fragrances off the top of my head that I gave a 1/10 rating to: CO Bigelow's Barber Elixir Green and Parfums de Nicolai's Patchouli Homme. I would rather wear Mayor of Moscow than either of those two disasters

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