Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ocean Pour Homme

Just because Novaya Zarya's Mayor In the Evening was freaking awful, it doesn't mean the company can't make a good perfume.  Their Ocean Pour Homme, though unoriginal and misnamed, is excellent.

If Terre d'Hermes actually smelled good, it would smell something like Ocean Pour Homme.  Despite its name, Ocean Pour Homme is not an aquatic fragrance.  No, this is a beautiful spicy floral citrus fragrance done to perfection, with not a "marine" or synthetic note anywhere to be smelled.  Mandarin Orange and bergamot in the beginning gives way to a lovely, glowing floral middle stage that lasts for hours.  The floral notes are smooth and quiet, never pungent or heady, and their lightness and transparency are such that they make it seem like the citrus notes from the opening are still there.  Underlying the floral and citrus are subtle spicy and woody notes, bringing everything to perfect equilibrium and finishing off the scent beautifully.

I can't lie, so I have to concede that Ocean Pour Homme does nothing new.  This is a citrus fragrance from the Terre d'Hermes and Declaration (Cartier) school of Nineties styled woody citrus perfumes, i.e., mandarin orange on top of wood and spicy notes.  It's a style I'm not crazy about, but I haven't smelled it done this well before.  It's a perfectly balanced scent, and everything stays nice and dry and not overly sweet. 

The reason I'm not giving this a higher rating is simply because of its lack of originality.  However, at the dirt cheap price this sells for, it's hard to pass up.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Novaya Zarya

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