Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roco by Chantelle (Knockoff of Coco by Chanel)

I wouldn't be caught dead wearing Coco by Chanel.  I like it, but I like to smell it on women.  It's too easy to overapply, and there's something so sweet and heady about it that makes it way too feminine for me to even consider wearing.  Although some women's perfumes are suitable for guys to wear, I find that gender designations on perfume labels are often helpful, and that they do serve a purpose.  Coco is one perfume I feel should remain "Pour Femme".

Now on to "Roco by Chantelle"*, which is a knockoff of Coco.  Not only is it a good knockoff and a good perfume, but it makes a good masculine fragrance too.  For a knockoff, it's a pretty accurate rendition of the Chanel original, but Roco takes it in a drier, darker and slightly less floral direction. 

The reason I'd never wear Coco is because of its powdery sweetness and the intense pungency of the rose it contains.  Roco tones down the powder and sweetness, and modulates the floral notes so that they're more in sync with the spicy and resinous notes like clove and labdanum.  Sure, Roco still makes a great scent for women, but it's a fragrance I enjoy wearing a lot.  It goes hand-in-hand with all the heavy powerhouse Eighties colognes I own, which isn't surprising since Coco was released in 1984.  It's both powerful and well balanced, and is an excellent dark, spicy floral scent that men or women can wear.

Be careful with the doseage, though.  Women can probably get away with going a little heavy on the trigger, since after all this is a woman's fragrance.  For guys, though, I wouldn't recommend more than three well placed sprays.  Any more than that, and you'll smell like a girl.

The guys at poker night will probably give you a ton of shit for wearing this, but Roco still makes a good masculine scent regardless.  To hell with them.  Roco smells both elegant and mysterious.  I think it smells a lot like Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui, only more floral.  If you're a fan of that fragrance or of heavy, dark powerhouse scents, but are looking to try something different, then Roco is definitely worth seeking out.

* As an aside, the origins of this fragrance are a mystery to me.  Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly who makes this, or how to purchase it online. The front of the box says that it's by "Amar Grover", that it's manufactured in Canada, and that it's distributed by some company in Montreal called "21st Century Creation Inc.". A Google search turned up nothing for me. All I can say is that my wife bought a bottle of this recently for $3.50 at the Big Lots store in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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