Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quorum Silver

There's not a lot I can say about what Quorum Silver smells like, other than that it's a dry cedar fragrance.  It smells crisp, sharp and clean, and is unlikely to offend anyone.  Just about all I smell is cedar, though I can tell it's blended with some pepper and patchouli to make it aromatic, and a little oakmoss, to give it a touch of sweetness without making it rich or heavy.

And that's really about it.  It's cedar, plain and simple, and it smells good.  It's nothing that will blow you away, but it's a clean woody fragrance that is competently made.  It starts off bright, dry and peppery, but the scent darkens and deepens a little bit over time, even though it still remains a linear cedar fragrance from start to finish.  Sillage is good and the smell lasts a long time.

I need to add that Quorum Silver has almost nothing in common with the original Quorum.  Whereas Quorum is strong, powerful and in your face, Quorum Silver is discreet, cool, calm and collected.  The only thing the two siblings have in common is that they both smell like they're made up purely of natural ingredients.  This is a quality I've consistently noticed in all of the Antonio Puig fragrances I've smelled.

My one complaint with Quorum Silver is that it's too simple, and it gets dull and tiresome to wear after a couple of hours.  Smelling unrelenting cedar and nothing else for hours and hours in a fragrance makes me want to take a shower and scrub it off, so I can wear something more interesting.  I rarely find myself in the mood to wear this, so my bottle just sits in its box for long periods of time.  However, this shouldn't deter you from buying a bottle, since it's very reasonably priced and it is a competently made wood scent. 

MY RATING:   7/10

Fragrance House:  Antonio Puig


  1. I'm the same with Quorum Silver - essentially I like it and find it very natural and clean smelling but don't choose to wear it often. However, I have found that I like it more when I apply it quite heavily. It seems to bring out a side of it that I don't smell when I only spray 3-4 times.

  2. Absolutely. I thought of that last night when I wore it. I went bananas with the sprayer, and the pepper notes in the opening were a lot more noticeable. Problem was that after two hours, I got sick of smelling cedar, and wished I didn't put it on.

  3. Wondering even more about Aqua Quorum . . .

  4. It's funny you mention Aqua Quorum. I was planning on making that my next review. I have AQ, and it's good, though not great. Stay tuned.

  5. Inspired by your excellent review, and also a fan of Azzaro Visit, I'm just considering a blind buy of QS. Azzaro Visit's longevity on my skin is around 4,5 hours basically. Could you please tell me about QS's longevity and projection please? Much obliged. (Your fan)

    1. Good question. QS is VERY similar to Visit in both smell and strength. I think Visit is a better fragrance though, mainly because it's a little bit more complex. Visit has a little bit more going on than just cedar. QS is 95% cedar.

      QS is not a strong fragrance, sillage wise. It projects moderately for about an hour, then sticks close to the skin from that point onward. Longevity for me is about 8 hours.

  6. Thank you very much. From what you're saying, it seems QS may be stronger than Visit. 8 hours sounds impressive to me. By 'sticks close to the skin' do you mean it's a weak skinscent that only its wearer can smell? :-)

  7. Sorry about that, I didn't see your prior post. By skin scent I mean it stays close to you, not projecting very far. Others might be able to smell it when you walk by, but it's subtle, which is fine with me for this kind of fragrance.

    I don't know if it's stronger than Visit. I used to have a bottle of Visit, and I got good longevity out of that too.

    If it weren't for the low price, I'd say don't get QS without trying it. That's because it's a plain fragrance, and is less interesting than Visit.

  8. Great to see the love and appreciation for the classics - Quorum is my all-time favourite fragrance, a strong and invigorating blend that makes me feel alive!