Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ricci Club

If there’s any fragrance I would expect to love, it's Ricci Club.  The reviews I’ve read describe it as an old-school, classic French citrus fragrance, a style I have always loved.  Just about all the reviews I’ve read of Ricci Club have been positive.  Plus Nina Ricci makes one of my favorite fragrances, Signoricci, which is an amazing dry, bitter Mediterranean styled citrus.  Even the dowdy 1960’s French styled bottle speaks to me. 

Ricci Club is a big time disappointment.  I do not consider this to be a citrus fragrance at all.  I get a nice spicy citrus blast when I first put it on, but it only lasts about five minutes.  After that point, everything falls apart.

Ricci Club is a sweet, chalky smelling oriental fragrance.  This is my idea of vanilla hell.  After the great first five minutes, Ricci Club spends the next several hours as a study in vanilla and tonka beans.  The scent doesn’t really evolve over time, other than simply fading.  The scent is powdery, which is a quality common in fragrances that try to have a “gentleman’s social club” (a real social club, not a strip club) association, but this is so damn sweet I’d be embarrassed to wear this in any public setting.  This should be named Cookie Club.

I couldn’t bear this scent by the third hour of wearing it.  Ricci Club isn’t the sweetest fragrance I’ve ever smelled, but it’s more than sweet enough for me to throw in the towel and run for a scrub brush.  I find it nauseating.

MY RATING:  3/10

Fragrance House:  Nina Ricci


  1. I couldn't get past the peach note. In combination with some of the other notes, it created an unpleasant "nose twisting" quality. It took me a while to realize how strong that peach note is and that it was causing me problems. You don't expect that kind of thing in an old "power" fragrance. LOL. I wonder if I would like it if the peach could be removed !

  2. I don't remember smelling a peach note, but then again this stuff is so sweet that could have been what I was smelling. The vanilla in this was so strong it canceled out my ability to smell anything else. I suppose if I try it again I might smell peach, but frankly, I don't want to try it again! Two full wearings was enough!

  3. The best perfume ever :).
    I guess it is individual but on me it smells great (very hevy and strong indeed it feels a bit like at the barber but with a twist and that is what makes it special to me) and i love it and everybody around me loves it. It reminds me of the 70s and 80s parfume and i always get asked which one i use. I could find it only on schiphol in amsterdam airport for 19 euro but sadly they dont have it anymore :( and at other places is way to expensive. Lucky for me i still have another bottle hope i can find it somewhere else for reasonable price as well.

  4. Still my favorite perfume till now i hope they can do i again