Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tabac Man

I couldn’t resist buying a bottle of Tabac Man without smelling it first.  The combination of the great price, awesome bottle, and the fact that this was made by Maurer & Wirtz, makers of one of my favorite fragrances, Tabac Original, was a temptation I couldn’t resist.  I should have paid attention to the mostly negative reviews I’d read of Tabac Man, but I didn’t.  Now I’m stuck with this lousy fragrance in my collection.

It certainly starts off promising.  When you first spray it, you’re treated to a very strong, heavy  and spicy powerhouse opening.  It smells black and leathery, like a cross between Trussardi Uomo and Red For Men, leading me to believe I’d just added another excellent power scent to my arsenal.  Tabac Man is loaded to the rafters with notes and ingredients, in true powerhouse fashion: nutmeg, patchouli, geranium, coriander, vetiver, sandalwood, and on and on.  You can tell right away when you first sniff it that this is a jam-packed scent.

Unfortunately, within fifteen minutes the cheapness of the ingredients and poor blending becomes glaringly obvious.  Tabac Man runs out of gas fast, and you’re left with a synthetic smelling mess for the rest of its life on your skin.  There are synthetic wood notes that smell like nail varnish, as well as an awful sweet ‘n sour vanilla note (which also smells like nail varnish) blended into this caustic sludge, leaving you with a dull, faceless cement wall of smell.

During the first fifteen minutes of Tabac Man, I was already planning out a great review of this in my head, thinking, “Fans of old muscle frags like Witness and Trussardi Uomo will drool over this!”  Instead, I’m left trying to convince myself that I like this.

Except for its good staying power, there’s not much of interest for power fans here, I’m afraid.

MY RATING:  4.5/10

Fragrance House:  Maurer & Wirtz

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