Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hollywood For Men

Look at this bottle.  Is that not the stupidest looking thing you've ever seen?  Trust me, the fragrance inside it is just as hideous.

My review of Hollywood For Men is going to be brief, because there's no point in beating a dead horse.  However, you probably want to know what this smells like, and that's easy to describe.  It literally smells like buttered popcorn mixed with jelly beans.  I don't say that out of being at a loss for words - it really does smell like that.  There isn't a natural smell anywhere to be found in this, and its sweetness is stomach wrenching.  I've read reviews that mention leather and tobacco notes, and the back of the box mentions bergamot and juniper.  Are we sniffing the same fragrance?

Anyone who knows my tastes in perfume will assume that I don't like Hollywood For Men, and they'd be right.  This stinks.  Why would anyone want to smell like this?

I can't see any reason for buying this, unless you're looking for a bad fragrance to round out your collection.

MY RATING:  3/10

Fragrance House:  Fred Hayman


  1. I wonder if the intent was to create something that literally smells like movie snackfood, hence the "Hollywood" name . . . seems like a terrible idea all around.

  2. I've heard that theory in other reviews too. It makes sense. However, I don't want to smell like snack food.

    I bought this blind because I read so many positive reviews about how unique it is. I don't find it unique at all. I find it to be horribly blended, and it smells like sweet chemicals.

  3. shamu - have you got (or sampled) Fred Hayman's Touch for Men? Granted, the name is a bit dodgy but I'm sure it would be right up your street! It's basically a refined version of Brut with an unusual root-beer note. A much worthier carrier of Mr Hayman's name I would think!

  4. No, I don't have Touch, but I've heard it's good. Tough to find, and I think it's been dc'ed. They should bring it back, and discontinue Hollywood For Men.

    Plus, Hayman's 273 Rodeo Drive for Men is pretty good too. It's a forgotten power scent from the late 80s. I'll be doing a review of that one pretty soon.

  5. Keep in mind also that Fred Hayman was a co-founder of Giorgio Beverly Hills, so he already proved his powerhouse credentials with Giorgio For Men and VIP For Men.

  6. I've PM'd you an ebay link for a seller in the UK who will post to US - $26.00 all in for a 30ml bottle if you're interested.