Monday, April 23, 2012

Spice After Shave by Ivy Club (knockoff of Old Spice)

I haven't done a review of a knockoff in a while, so it's time.  This is a dollar store cheapie, simply called "Spice After Shave" by a company called Ivy Club, and is a knockoff of Old Spice.  This is one of the better knockoffs I've tried, and at only $1.70 U.S. for a 7 oz. bottle, is one of the best bargains out there.

What makes this special is that it smells very much the way Old Spice used to smell, when Shulton still produced it.  I'm not a stickler for vintage perfumes, and I do like the current Proctor & Gamble version of Old Spice, but even I have to admit that Shulton Old Spice smelled better than what it smells like now.  Whereas P&G's Old Spice has some rough edges that can smell harsh and ascerbic at times, the early versions of Old Spice were silky smooth, mildly spicy and sweet.  It was a perfect and elegant fragrance.

Ivy Club smells almost exactly like vintage Shulton Old Spice.  The only difference I can tell is that it's weaker, smelling like a slightly diluted vintage Old Spice.  That's not a problem, scent-wise - it still smells the same.  It's a problem, however, in terms of longevity.  You can douse yourself with Ivy League, and the scent will be gone in an hour or two.  However, at only $1.70 a bottle, who cares?  I say just splash away.  Bring your bottle to work and reapply it during the day.  Besides, you'll find that its longevity increases by an hour or two every time you reapply it, so you probably would only need to splash it on about three times in a day.  That's not bad for an aftershave, and because it's a light scent, you won't get sick of reapplying it. 

It also performs well as an aftershave.  It feels cool and refreshing when you slap it on, without any burning sensation, and it does a decent job of closing up the pores on your face.  It doesn't moisturize, being an alcohol based aftershave, but it doesn't dry out my skin either.  It also does not have a strong alcohol smell either, which is a plus.

In the U.S., Ivy Club Spice Aftershave is available at Family Dollar stores.  It's distributed by a company called V-Jon, which also distributes CVS Pharmacys' Old Spice knockoff, and I'm pretty sure the CVS version is the same fragrance as Ivy Club.  Either way, this is worth seeking for any fan of Old Spice.

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