Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Narciso Rodriguez For Him

Like A*Men, Kouros, and Joop! Homme, Narciso Rodriguez For Him is a fragrance that pisses a lot of people off, and people love it or loathe it.  Count me in as one of its fans.

This fragrance is whacked, it's so out there.  Its bleak looking charcoal gray bottle suits the scent perfectly.  Narciso Rodriguez For Him makes prodigious use of violet leaf, an ingredient that, like iris root, isn't famous for lifting people's spirits.  Violet leaf has been used in men's fragrances a lot during the past fifteen years, especially in sport fragrances and so-called "fresh woody" scents.  Fragrances like Eau de Cartier and Gucci Pour Homme II use violet leaf to give an airy, dry and transparent quality to them.

Not so here.  Narciso Rodriguez For Him is a heavy, sludgy and dark aromatic fragrance that would smell right at home in a mausoleum.  This is a modern-day powerhouse.  There's also a huge amount of oakmoss and patchouli in this fragrance.  These two ingredients add a cold, damp feel to the entire scent, like standing near a swamp in the middle of the night.  Its smell also reminds me of wet ashes from a fireplace.  Associations with wet concrete have also been made by other reviewers, and those aren't too far off the mark.

My descriptions aren't exaggerations - this scent really does make me think of graveyards, swamps, etc..  It's not that I enjoy thinking about death and blackness.  What I'm trying to convey is how unique and fascinating this fragrance is.  Its grim darkness and mastodon-like weight virually guarantee that people will have strong opinions about Naricso Rodriguez For Him, and that certainly is the case.  It may not be a pretty or happy scent, but it's still a work of art and it smells great.  However, it's a fragrance I only wear on occasion, when I'm in just the right mood to wear it, due to its dark and doomy smell.

Like Black Sabbath for your nose.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Narciso Rodriguez


  1. Ha! "Like Black Sabbath for your nose" - made me chuckle! I too like this frag but generally only wear it in the winter on darker days..! I wonder if Ozzy has a bottle to supplement his Czech & Speake No.88?

  2. This is a Francis Kurkdjian creation, bearing is usual trademark boldness - I too think it smells quite good.

    It's hard to believe this is the same guy who came up with Arden's Green Tea.

  3. Yes, this is a bold one for sure. I would never have expected something this wacky to come from a designer brand. Smells like something a company like Etat Libre d'Orange strives to create.

    I also have a hard time wearing this in anything other than cold or cool weather. In the heat of summer I don't enjoy it as much. The winter air seems to make this fragrance spring to life.

  4. Simply one of the most unique fragrances I have sampled so far.Nothing I know even resembles this blend. But I agree that it has a somewhat eerie side to it and that many of the "clad-in-black" crowd would probably have it as their signature scent. The lady in my life simply thinks it is the sexiest frag I own and if wet concrete over at your end smells anything like it I sure would like to know why most Americans live in wooden homes...

    This is another fragrance I had to auction off from ebay USA since it has a ridiculous price tag over here and because winter has already arrived at our shores it arrived just in time then.

    By the way, Mausoleums in the old world don't smell that good, shamu !

  5. You've definitely got me interested in this one, bro. Sorta curious how this frag's "darkness," etc., compares to Salvador Dali PH. Now *that* is a dark frag! I have a small 8 ml mini of it.

    1. Dali is much stronger than this, and is a powerhouse. NR is not a power scent. I'd say Dali is also darker, but NR is gloomier smelling.

  6. Do you get any similarities to Gravity (Coty)?