Friday, April 6, 2012


Quorum is my favorite fragrance. For years, I've been saying that Paco Rabanne Pour Homme is my favorite (it's my close second favorite really), but it isn't quite my #1. This is. It hit me for the first time today that I've overlooked the fact that I've been wearing Quorum more than any other fragrance for the past few years. I wear it all the time, and I love it, so of course it's my favorite scent. I don't know why it took me so long to figure that out.

As for whether or not Quorum is for you, I have a few questions to ask you. Have you had enough of today's pretentious, politically correct unisex niche fragrances? Do you feel like today's "Pour Homme" designer fragrances should be re-labeled "Pour Femme"? Do you hate aquatics? Do you despise light fragrances, particularly ones that are designed not to offend? Do you like your fragrances strong? If you answered yes to any of these, then you should walk out of that Neiman Marcus store, put the money back in your pocket, and get your ass over to the nearest TJ Maxx. They sell Quorum by the truckload.

Notice on the picture above that the bottle does not say "For Men". That's because it doesn't need to. Even without smelling it, you can tell this is a man's fragrance. Quorum's smell is hilariously masculine, it's so over the top. Dark, raw, powerful and bad-ass, Quorum could have just as easily been named "Ballsack Pour Homme". If it were packaged in a bottle shaped like a hand grenade I wouldn't have been surprised.

As for what it smells like, I don't even know where to start. Quorum is a heavy and complex scent jam-packed with powerful smells, and it packs a wallop. It's the most aromatic fragrance I know, with a dark green smell from pine and strong herbs. Piled on top of that are boatloads of patchouli, cumin, leather and oakmoss. There's also a strong smell of dark cigar tobacco, of the burning cigar variety, not the smooth, golden tobacco leaf kind. The whole thing comes together, miraculously, extremely well, with everything blending together beautifully. It's a loud, piledriving maelstrom of dark, bitter scent, yet it never spins out of control into a confusing mess. The fact that the perfumer who created Quorum was able to rein all these powerful smells in so seamlessly is amazing.

Quorum is aggressive, crude and brash.  It's a powerhouse that brooks no bullshit.  If you like wearing strong aromatic stuff like Azzaro Pour Homme, Lapidus, Kouros or Jaguar For Men, chances are very good that you will like Quorum.  They're all basically soul brothers, cut from the same cloth.

Not for metrosexuals, wimps, or men who like to get in touch with their feelings, Quorum is like the Sergio Leone of fragrances, and is a macho scent hands down.

MY RATING:  10/10

Fragrance House:  Antonio Puig

"Hand over the Quorum. RIGHT. NOW."


  1. I think I have to find a good bottle of this. I had a bottle that never smelled quite right - I ended up tossing it halfway through. Something about the grapefruit didn't mesh correctly with the herbal components, and it ended up smelling very thick, sweet, like fruit gum. It was weird. But I'm told there was a brief period in Quorum's recent history where they produced a type of "lame batch" that suffered from off-balance heart notes. Maybe I just need a different batch. Puig apparently deals in batches, much like Creed. What I was able to glean from the scent with any accuracy I did like a lot. This is beautiful in late summer, autumn, early winter. The pine, the herbs, it's all gorgeous stuff. I imagine the vintage juice was masterpiece material.

  2. Wow, I own seven bottles of Quorum, and I can't say any of them smell fruity in any way. I'll bet your bottle really was bad. Quorum smells anything but sweet.

    I don't know about any batches, but I think Quorum has been reformulated twice. The current version, which is in the picture, has a date on the box of 2003. This is the one you see in stores most often, and is the one I wear most often. The earlier version has a date of 1993 on the box. I have four bottles of that stuff (sometimes called "vintage Quorum"), and it's a little bit stronger and woodier than the current version, and a little bit cruder. I love it, but don't find it as well balanced as current Quorum. Then I believe the stuff before the 1993 version is the original. It's been a long time since I've smelled that, but I remember it smelling a bit smoother than the 1993 (which is very rough and crude) but also with a very animalic, dirty undertone that I like. Overall, I don't smell huge differences between these three. They all smell like Quorum

    1. Yeah, I think my problem was related to application. If I used three sprays, I was good, and the fruit element worked for me. Four or five, and suddenly the fruit note got very "gummy" and a little too pink-smelling, and seemed to stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of the scent, which is anything but pink-smelling. I think I definitely had a bad bottle. You know what, it's actually not the first bad bottle I got from my local Marshalls - I also got a rather disgusting bottle of Azzaro Pour Homme, which smelled as though it had been left in the sun for a few weeks. I'll have to revisit this one again in the future. Speaking of Puig, another favorite of mine is Agua Lavanda.

  3. Great to see a review of Quorum on your blog shamu - been hoping to see this for a while! Great piece doing justice to a truly great fragrance - it's a powerhouse masterpiece..!

  4. Yeah, it was just a matter of time before I reviewed Quorum. Quorum is the balls.

  5. Again I'm indebted to you for without your review I would never have discovered this masterpiece. Now I own MOODS and QUORUM thanks to a bloke who's 10 years younger and 8000 miles away and whose blog got me on a search for further gems.

  6. Ah, Moods Uomo. What a great fragrance that is, isn't it? It's one of my favorites, and if I wore it more often, it might be my #1. But for now, Quorum is it.

  7. I saw that they had like 10 new bottles of Quorum at Marshalls today(I am glad they sell the shit out of it), and I saw the old school box and grabbed that sumbitch without even blinking. I got a 93 1.7oz splash bottle. It smells great, but not as good as the newest version. It does have an Enrico Sebastiano quality to it and also a Jordache like smell to me which makes it seem much richer and less refined than the newer one. The newer one is much smoother, crisper, and more aromatic. I am glad I found a vintage bottle though, and I still like it.

  8. Yes, the vintage stuff is good, but I also prefer the newest version. It's better blended and darker smelling. The old stuff is crude and woodier, and a little bit stronger. I have four bottles of the vintage stuff, and I find myself wearing the new version a lot more often, not so I can hoard my old bottles, but simply because the new version is a little better.

  9. And yes, I agree that the newer version is more aromatic. Woodiness was dominant in the old stuff, and in this new version, it's greener and more herbal. I prefer herbal over woody most of the time.

    But both versions are still macho as hell.

  10. I'm with you on this one, Sean. It is now in my top 3, since I recently learned the hard way that the latest version of Polo (green) is pathetic. Quorum is good. Real good, and got me one of my few compliments (male co-worker).
    Merry Christmas, by the way. ;-)

  11. Merry Christmas to you too.

    I know this may a bit off topic, but is the current version of Polo really that bad? I have an old splash bottle of the stuff, and I've got a more recent bottle of it, though I don't know if it's the current juice. I don't smell a huge difference, and both are super strong. What's bad about the new stuff?

    Quorum is like a Spanish Polo.

  12. Picked up 3 bottles today of this gem for $12.00 a piece for the 3.4oz bottles here on sale in Melbourne OZ.
    Amazing stuff indeed and worth the kudos it gets.

  13. How much does Quarum cost per bottle at TJ Maxx?????

  14. HAHAHAHA! This is IT1 This is for me! Sold! And then, I better get a truckload, stockpile it, because almost certainly it WILL be discontinued...
    going the way of most all outstanding products.
    Thanks you, Sir, for this. I know what to do.

  15. ...I wonder if the Oakmoss ban by the EU wusses will affect this one, too. Probably, is my guess...

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  17. Hey shamu, out of interest what does it say on the bottom of your vintage bottles? I have one which has 'ANTONIO PUIG' printed, and another which just says 'PUIG'. Cheers - great review too! I love the stuff :)