Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cerruti Pour Homme

I know I would have hated Cerruti Pour Homme if I'd smelled it back about 10 years ago.  That's because, at first sniff, it has qualities of two rather wimpy perfume genres: aquatic and vanilla-based fragrances.  The early 2000s saw a slight shift away from pure aquatic fragrances to a woodier, sweeter version of the aquatic themed scent.  I can't stand this type of perfume, and unfortunately it's a style that is still popular in designer masculine perfumery today.  Cerruti Pour Homme is an example of this type of scent.

Despite my distaste of these kinds of fragrances, however, I like Cerruti Pour Homme.  I can appreciate almost any type of perfume, provided it's done really well, and Cerruti Pour Homme is done really well.  It's a woody oriental scent with only a subtle hint of an aquatic smell underlying everything; if you've ever smelled Perry Ellis For Men (2008 release) or Mustang, you'll be familiar with the way this smells.  When you first put it on, it smells like a total Nineties sweet aquatic scent like Good Life, bright, sweet and cheerful.  As time passes and the longer you wear it, however, Cerruti Pour Homme gets warmer and smoother, with light amber, leather and vanilla balancing out nicely the underlying aquatic and wood notes.  All the notes are handled with a careful hand, with no one smell overpowering any other. 

After the initial bright opening, the fragrance is linear, and basically it remains a warm, comforting woody oriental scent.  This is one of the few fragrances where I can say that the aquatic/Calone note actually adds something to the overall scent - here, it gives the fragrance a subtle oily, fatty, aldehydic smell that works surprisingly well with the sweet and leathery notes, and gives it its masculine smell.  It's a sweet fragrance, but it's not heavy or overbearing, provided you spray it on with restraint; I can just imagine reaching for a barf bag if I oversprayed this.  I consider Cerruti Pour Homme to be a casual comfort scent, i.e. one I would wear solely to make me feel good. 

Cerruti Pour Homme will never win any awards for originality, that's for sure, and it's not even really my style.   Also, unlike a lot of fragrances I own, Cerruti Pour Homme doesn't project a particular aura, mood or attitude.  However, it feels good to wear this, warms my heart, and it puts a smile on my face.  Sometimes that's all that matters.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Cerruti

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