Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pheromone For Men

I am shocked at how good this is.  I've smelled a couple of other fragrances that supposedly contain pheromones, and I hated them.  Pheromone For Men, however, is a huge exception.

For those who don't know, a sex pheromone is a chemical secretion produced by an animal or human, the smell of which attracts members of the opposite sex and stimulates sexual intercourse.  Over the years, some perfume companies have released fragrances allegedly containing pheromones, and of course they're marketed as bottled aphrodisiacs.  At least in men's colognes, I've always thought of it as an absurd marketing gimmick, one that assumes women will drop their pants the minute you come around the corner.

Silly marketing gimmicks aside, Pheromone For Men, at least smell-wise, lives up to its hype.  It really does smell like sex.  This is a powerful, dirty, spicy musk scent, like if Jovan's Musk For Men had powerhouse strength and an ounce of sweat added to it.  It's got a strong floral element to it, but it's not a sweet or pretty floral scent; the florals here smell raunchy and sweaty, as if they're covering up B.O..

Pheromone For Men is a Seventies styled powerhouse, and it's totally unique - how many other musk powerscents can you even think of?  I can't think of any.  In fact, Pheromone For Men smells the way I've always thought musk fragrances should smell, but rarely do: animalic and raw.  It reminds me of Kouros in its overall beastliness, even though it doesn't really smell like Kouros.  This is powerful.  This is uber-masculine.  This is awesome. 

I say ignore the ridiculous marketing behind this fragrance.  You don't have to be a raging sex machine who's into cockrings and dildoes to wear this.  However, you do need huevos to wear Pheromone For Men, because it oozes attitude.  This is not a wimpy fragrance at all.  It truly is a daring scent, mostly because it's so pungent and dirty.  I love wearing funky-ass fragrances like this with a suit and tie, in a serious business setting.  It just smells so wrong

Since the late 1990s, the trendiest style in designer fragrances for men has been clean, fresh and woody, and now the designers are adding sweetness to the mix.  Pheromone For Men is at the polar opposite end of the men's fragrance spectrum, and it's at the farthest reaches of that spectrum.  Niche fragrances smell conformist and mainstream by comparison.

There are a lot of fragrances known for being "love/hate" fragrances, but few should fit that bill as squarely as Pheromone For Men.  I think the reason it doesn't inspire a lot of extreme opinions is simply because it's an obscure fragrance, and most people have never tried it and probably never will.  If you do get a chance to wear this, I guarantee that you are either going to love it to death or hate it with every fiber of your being.  

They really don't make them like this anymore!

MY RATING:  8.5/10

Fragrance House:  Marilyn Miglin


  1. This is the first musk I have smelled that didn't just smell like an incomplete fragrance. The best musk I had smelled until Pheromone was good ole Jovan Musk. Jovan Musk is alright, but as my nose gets more mature it just seems like most musks(Jovan included) are just a base with no flare(whoooo LOL).
    That is why when I feel like musk I turn to Paco Rabanne, Kouros, or Lagerfeld(to my nose they could have called Lagerfeld a musk) Now you have turned me on to another great musk.

    1. What you just said about "Musk" fragrances sums up why I don't like musks very much. They're usually boring. Jovan's is good and is truly a classic, but it's a little boring. I hardly ever wear it, but it is one of the better musks I've tried. +1 on Lagerfeld too - it smells like a musk frag to me too. I love it.

      I sound like a broken record, but Lutens' Muscs Koublai Khan really is outstanding. It makes all other musks smell like cotton candy. I know you and I aren't wild on niche frags, but this is one worth seeking out a sample of. It's well worth the $110 it costs for a 50 ml. bottle.

  2. The balls on Pheromone for Men makes me wonder if the womens version isn't also a brutal fragrance(maybe even one men could wear like Tabu or Youth Dew).

    1. I'll let YOU blind buy the women's version! LOL

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