Sunday, May 20, 2012

Porsche Design The Essence - Revised Review

In the interest of maintaining some semblance of credibility as a reviewer, I feel a revision of my prior review of this fragrance is in order.

After I reviewed Porsche Essence, I took a look at the other reviews written about this scent on and on  Though most of the reviews (on Basenotes, at least) were negative, there were enough positive comments written to make me want to give this fragrance another chance.  Although I still don't think this is a good perfume, it's a bit better than I thought it was the first time around.

The opening is still awful, with its nasty combination of soap, juniper and chemical waste.  The difference lies in the drydown, which is actually not bad.  It's dry and bitter, even tangy, with some decent wood and aromatic patchouli and incense notes.  It has an austere sourness that is somewhat appealing, believe it or not.  The drydown is also warmer than the earlier, dead-serious smelling earlier stages.

The problem with Porsche Essence is still twofold: it's largely synthetic, and it's poorly constructed.  It smells like a fragrance that is confused, with a whole lot of sharp, harsh smells flying all over the place, with no rhyme or reason.  There's very little evolution here, but rather a case where the chemical herbal notes merely calm down to a halfway tolerable level, which allows the aromatics in the base to come to the forefront.  Unfortunately Porsche Essence still comes off as a confusing mess, even if it isn't the worst thing I've ever smelled.

This will probably not be included in my Top Ten Worst Fragrances list now.

MY RATING:  5.5/10

Fragrance House:  Porsche Design

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