Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lolita Lempicka L'Eau Au Masculin

This fragrance is for anise lovers only.  Many perfume lovers hate the smell of anise and think it's too strong and aggressive.  If you're one of those people, don't even think of sampling L'Eau Au Masculin.  You're going to hate it. 

I happen to love the smell of anise, and I love this perfume.  It's a true blue flanker of the original Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin, because it's simply a much drier and lighter version of it.  The original is one of my all-time favorite fragrances, but many people don't like it due to its strength and weight.  So if you enjoyed the heavily anisic smell of the original, but didn't like how powerful it was, you should most certainly try L'Eau Au Masculin.  You will probably find this to be exactly what you're looking for.

L'Eau Au Masculin smells crisp, woody and transparent, and the smell of anise comes on full force from start to finish.  Anise is usually added to heavy, sweet oriental fragrances, and isn't often thought of as a scent that works well in lighter, drier perfumes.  L'Eau Au Masculin proves otherwise.  In fact, it makes a super fragrance to wear in hot weather because of its transparency and dryness, as well as the fact that it smells like a French pastis.  In my mind, there are few drinks as refreshing and perfectly suited for summer as a tall glass of Pernod mixed with water - with L'Eau Au Masculin, it's as if you're wearing the drink.

Anise is usually a top note in perfumes, due to its sharpness and its fleeting nature.  I'm assuming that whoever composed L'Eau Au Masculin used other ingredients like cardamom and cedar to create the olfactory illusion of a long lasting anise note that lasts for hours and hours.  Whatever the case may be, this is one fragrance that is mandatory sampling for anyone who loves the smell of anise.

MY RATING:  8.5/10

Fragrance House:  Lolita Lempicka


  1. So if I love anise and heavy fragrances could I skip this one ang go with the original, or does this one have better anise?

  2. Good question. Anise is the dominant smell in both fragrances, and I'd rate them equally in that department. We're not talking Azzaro Pour Homme level of anise - Azzaro merely hints at anise compared to these two Lolitas.

    The two fragrances are pretty similar, but the main difference is that where the original Lolita is an A*Men-type gourmand oriental, L'Eau Au Masculin is a dry woody spicy scent. L'Eau is much more conservative in style, and is not likely to offend too many people. The original tends to be a love/hate type fragrance that people either love or hate.

    Me? I prefer the original because it surrounds you in this dreamy, purplish smelling cloud of anise, where L'Eau is more straight and to the point. I own bottles of both, and wear both of them.

  3. Sounds like something I better sample first. I learned the hard way with Angel(I don't like it, but I do respect it).