Thursday, June 21, 2012

Comme Une Evidence Homme Green

Compared to its older brother, the original Comme Une Evidence Homme (review coming soon), this is a disappointment.  Whereas the original is probably the best woody spicy fragrance I've ever smelled, Comme Une Evidence Homme Green flounders with its generic drydown.

The first hour is extremely promising.  It certainly delivers what it promises: a green smelling fragrance.  What you get is a brilliant spray of lime and grapefruit, followed up by what smells like mint, basil and lemongrass.  It smells both grassy and citrusy, and is truly a delight to smell and wear, especially if you love green fragrances as much as I do.  The first hour is a greenhead's dream come true.

Unfortunately, things fall apart after that point.  The fragrance loses almost all of its green smell, as the top and middle notes evaporate, and what you're left with is a dull woody base.  It smells like cedar, white musk and tonka bean to me - not terrible, but it smells flat and boring.  It's an accord I've smelled too many times before, in countless boring, trendy woody spicy scents, and it's one I can live without.  The note pyramid lists patchouli as a base note, but I don't smell any.  Staying power for Green isn't great either, clocking in at about three or four hours.

Overall, Comme Une Evidence Homme Green is a decent fragrance, and it sells for a decent price.  The intensely green smelling opening and middle stages are almost worth the price of admission, but the drydown, though not bad, is disappointing.  I'd only recommend buying this if you can find it at a markdown price.

MY RATING:  6.5/10

Fragrance House:  Yves Rocher


  1. I love green scents, and the opening of this sounds beautiful. But then your description of the drydown yields comparison with every unimaginative masculine on the market - very sad. However, often the case is a budget problem. Why can't they let these brands use more money to formulate? It's enough to drive a bloke mad.

  2. It may not be just a budget issue with this one. The perfumer for Green is not the same as for the original CUEH, which was composed by Antoine Maisondieu. The original is an amazing fragrance, and smells like Yves Rocher spared no expense with it. I'll be reviewing that one soon.

    Of course it may also be that I need some time to get used to Green. I've only had the bottle for a couple of months, and I've only worn it twice. Even with the original CUEH, I was totally unimpressed the first few times I wore it - it smelled at first like just another boring dry woody spicy scent. It wasn't until about the fourth or fifth time I wore it that I finally could see its brilliance. Hopefully that will be the case with Green. If it is, I will surely post a revised review.