Tuesday, June 26, 2012

White Sail - Revised Review

I've now owned my bottle of White Sail for about a year, and it's time for a revised review.  Looking back, I think I was enamoured of the beautiful bottle or something, because now when I wear this, I feel like I need to convince myself that I like the way it smells.  The reality is, I don't like the way it smells anymore.

I'll get right to the point: White Sail sucks.  You know how when I review a good woody citrus fragrance, I usually write something like, "This is not like all the other boring, generic, trendy woody citrus scents on the market today?"  Those "other" woody citrus scents I'm referring to are crap like White Sail.

In fact, this may very well be the most boring, uninspired and generic fragrance I have ever smelled.  It smells like a generic copy of a generic woody citrus scent.  Boring, sour citrus top notes on top of boring synthetic light wood notes sum up the entirety of White Sail's scent.  I'm getting bored just thinking about White Sail.

The only positive thing I can say about White Sail is that it doesn't smell like chemicals; it does smell like it's made of mostly natural materials.  However, that doesn't make it any better to my nose.  Nautica should be ashamed of themselves, releasing such a loser fragrance like this and expecting people to pay money for it.  But then again, all of Nautica's fragrances are light, generic and boring, so I guess they're simply doing what they do worst. 

White Sail is one of the most pointless fragrances I've ever smelled.  I am offended by how inoffensive it smells.

MY RATING:  2.5/10

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