Sunday, June 24, 2012

Loud For Him

It's nice to see a mainstream designer fragrance these days contain a dominant patchouli note.  Patchouli hasn't been in heavy regular use in men's designer fragrances since the Eighties, and I get the sense that most men are uncomfortable with patchouli's association with the Sixties and hippies.  The accountant bean counters at the big designer houses must think that your average Joe will be scared off by patchouli-heavy colognes, which I assume accounts for the lack of them these days.  As for me, I have no such hang-ups, and I'm always enthused in trying any fragrance that contains a lot of patchouli.

Bucking the current trend, Loud For Men is primarily a patchouli scent, and that's mainly why I like it.  The strong patchouli note hits you right in the face, along with a powerful black pepper note, the second you press down on the atomizer.  It's a great powerful opening, though the fragrance wanes in strength significantly after the first five minutes; despite its name, Loud is not a loud scent at all.

Speaking of bean counters, unfortunately many designer fragrances are hindered by skimpy formula budgets, and Loud's lack of quality ingredients becomes apparent after the top notes evaporate.  What you get after the opening is what remains for the remainder of the scent's life on your skin: an aromatic fragrance dominated by patchouli and buttressed by underlying synthetic smelling wood and tobacco notes.  Loud, in fact, smells similar to Burberry London For Men, only with a more chemical, synthetic smell.  The tobacco and wood notes smell thin and unpleasant, and they add very little to the composition; in fact, they give the scent a slight aquatic feel at times, which I do not enjoy.

Despite its shortcomings, however, at the end of the day Loud For Him satisfies.  Its aromatic patchouli core never flags, and it's what keeps the fragrance enjoyable for me, enough so that I can overlook its flaws.  Also, the extended drydown has a slightly sweet, rosy smell that blends well with the patchouli, and which I do enjoy, even if it does smell synthetic.

I would never pay full price for a bottle of Loud For Him, mainly due to its overly synthetic smell, but I expect this to be hitting the markdown bins soon, in which case it would be worth considering.

MY RATING:  6.5/10

Fragrance House:  Tommy Hilfiger

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