Monday, June 25, 2012

Patchouly Estratto di Profumo by L'Erbolario

This is one of the strangest patchoulis I've ever smelled.  In fact, it doesn't even smell much like patchouli for the first fifteen minutes.  It smells more like a kind of spicy Coca-Cola blended with tobacco.  You can tell there's a patchouli note buried somewhere underneath the opening's strange, boozy, effervescent aroma, but it takes about a half hour or so before you can really tell that this is a patchouli fragrance.

Even once the patchouli comes to the fore, this is still a weird scent.  The patchouli lacks the complexity, depth and earthiness of the best quality aged oils.  Instead, it smells dusty, dirty and oily.  I like it.  As a matter of fact, L'Erbolario's Patchouly smells like Givenchy Gentleman without the leather note.  There's a light, cinnamon-like note in the background that gives the scent a semi-sweetness and adds interest.  The Coca-Cola smell also lasts for hours, though it's not dominant after the first fifteen minutes, and serves more to add color to the patchouli note.

I consider patchouli to be a truly genderless smell, in the sense that it smells super masculine when a guy wears it, and super feminine when a woman does.  However, I can't imagine many women wanting to wear L'Erbolario's Patchouly.  It smells very old-school and masculine to me, almost like the smell of a damp basement filled with old tools.  Sound macho?  It is.

Plus, since this is an extract and thus highly concentrated, of course L'Erbolario's Patchouly has amazing all day staying power.  Just a few drops of this powerful liquid on your neck and wrists will fill a room with the smell of patchouli, and will do so all day.

If this fragrance sounds appealing, make sure you get the "Estratto di Profumo", rather than the "Acqua di Profumo" sold by the same company; that's not to say that the acqua isn't any good - I just have never tried it, and this review is of the estratto (extract). 

I have more patchoulis in my collection than I can even remember, but I'm glad to have this nutzo version of my favorite fragrance note in my wardrobe.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  L'Erbolario

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