Friday, June 15, 2012

Tabacco Toscano

Tabacco Toscano is the most mainstream of all the Santa Maria Novella fragrances I've tried.  It's a sweet, woody tobacco scent, and it's in a style that has been overdone for years by designer brands.  That's not to say it isn't good, because it really is a great perfume.  It just isn't unique.

If you're expecting another take on the Acqua di Cuba style of tobacco fragrance, you're going to be disappointed.  Tabacco Toscano smells nothing like Acqua di Cuba, and in fact the tobacco note is less intense than in Acqua di Cuba.  What you have here is a spicy, resinous tobacco note augmented heavily by amber, vanilla and tonka bean.  This is a very sweet fragrance, but at the same time, amazingly, it is light and not at all cloying.  I can smell tiny hints of cedar and cinnamon in the background, which give the scent spiciness and transparency.

I've smelled this type of fragrance so many times, from Mustang to Cerruti Pour Homme, but I've never smelled it done this well.  What it lacks in originality is more than made up in its quality.  This is an expertly crafted fragrance, perfectly blended and balanced.  It's linear in the sense that its smell changes very little from beginning to end, but it's also very complex at the same time, if that makes any sense to you.  The reason I love Tabacco Toscano is because I can smell so many different facets throughout the day while I'm wearing it: tobacco, resins, wood, spices, creaminess, vanilla, etc..  Wearing this is like being on a day-long journey where the scenery is always changing, yet your destination always remains clear, never deviating from your route.  Despite all the woody, sweet and spicy notes in this perfume, the one smell that always rears its head again and again is the tobacco.

Tabacco Toscano is not a brazen or macho treatment of tobacco at all.  It is quiet, restrained, refined and very classy.  Some people might even find it boring.  And because it isn't heavy, it's incredibly versatile, and can be worn any time of year, in any occasion.  This would be a very easy scent to pick and wear every day as a signature fragrance.  It may not be a hardcore tobacco scent (unlike Acqua di Cuba), but it's one of the best interpretations of tobacco in a perfume I've ever smelled.

MY RATING:  8.5/10

Fragrance House:  Santa Maria Novella

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