Saturday, June 9, 2012


Tricorn is certainly an old-school styled classic scent, but it's not really my cup of tea.  Don't let my reservations prevent you from trying it out, however, since I have to admit that what I don't like about this fragrance is purely based on my own personal tastes, rather than there being anything wrong with this perfume itself.

The opening and middle stages are incredibly good, and I thought for sure that I'd found the ideal old guard sandalwood fragrance at first.  The opening is very strong, citrusy, spicy and aromatic, and it serves as an exciting introduction to the middle stage where the sandalwood shines in all its glory.  This is a dry and sharp treatment of sandalwood, not really the milky, creamy type.  There's also a lot of patchouli in this stage of the scent, and it adds even more aromatic edge to the already spicy smelling sandalwood.  In fact, there's even a dirty, animalic smelling note in the mix too, though I have no idea what ingredient is creating that effect.  Whatever it is, it smells great.  It smells like a sweaty sandalwood gingerbread.  Fortunately the middle stage lasts a good two hours.

What ruins Tricorn for me is the drydown.  I'm not the biggest fan of sweet oriental fragrances, and unfortunately the sweet amber and vanilla in Tricorn take over in the drydown, to the point of almost flattening the sandalwood note over time.  Tricorn transforms from a spicy barbershop scent into almost a clone of Obsession For Men.  Not good in my book.

Again, give this a try anyway.  Some of you might love it, and I know a lot of people do.  Just be prepared for a major shape shifting of the scent in the drydown.

MY RATING:  6.5/10

Fragrance House:  Caswell-Massey


  1. Shamu, your review is spot-on. Tricorn starts off suitably snarling like Royal Copenhagen or Zizanie on a testosterone binge but soon descends into vanilla ice cream territory. Pity, but there are other options (Black Suede for instance) that fill this void for me.

  2. Your comparison to Zizanie hits the nail on the head, though I think Zizanie is a lot better, since it has a good drydown.