Thursday, July 19, 2012

Animagical Man

I bought this without smelling it first, based on reviews on which said this has a very strong, long lasting basil note.  I love the smell of basil. Boy, was that a mistake.  Any basil note that might be in this is completely flattened by an awful, unrelenting, sour bergamot and synthetic grapefruit top note that seems to last for hours.

Yes, Animagical Man is the epitome of what I've often referred to as the typical generic, boring-as-shit fresh sport fragrance.  Do I really need to go into detail about what this smells like?  Not really.  All you need to do is refer back to my review of Mustang Blue to get an idea.  The big difference, however, is that Mustang Blue smells good and at least has some complexity.  This stupid thing, on the other hand, is just an ascerbic, sour collection of awful synthetic citrus and wood notes.  Animagical Man has nothing going for it, including the fact that it costs a lot more than Mustang Blue.

I see no point in this fragrance even existing.  This is a complete waste of money.


Fragrance House:  Puma

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