Monday, July 9, 2012

Aramis Life

Aramis has a long history of producing very unique, high quality fragrances for men, so I'm surprised they'd release something as lame as Aramis Life.  It's not a bad fragrance.  Actually, it's pretty decent.  The problem is that it's BORING.

Many fragrances smell much better when you wear them, as opposed to merely sampling them on the back of your hand.  Aramis Life is the other way around.  I remember spritzing this on my wrist last year and really liking it.  So when I found a new bottle on eBay recently for a good price, I bought it. 

I've worn this three times now, in three different ways: light sprays, medium amounts on my neck and chest, and then apeshit all over my upper body.  No matter what I do, I can't get a lot of enjoyment out of this fragrance.  The published pyramid looked really appealing: cucumber, violet leaves, lime, mint, leather.  It sounded like a wonderfully fresh green scent, with leather undertones.

Unfortunately I smell almost none of what it promises.  I get no green notes whatsoever, nor does this smell particularly crisp or fresh.  There is an interesting creamy fruity note in here, which I believe is kumquat, but it's not enough to make the fragrance as a whole very interesting.  Basically, Aramis Life is a sweet, boring fragrance.  It smells mainly like kumquat on top of dull, sweet tonka bean and a shadow of leather eight hours into the drydown.  I occassionally get a slight whiff of some sharp woody note in the drydown, but it smells like it's synthetic cedar.  Oh joy.

Aramis Life does smell pleasant, and is in no way a bad fragrance.  However, just because something smells pleasant doesn't mean it can't be interesting too.  It certainly tries to be something unique, but fails miserably, because the smells that would have made it unique are undetectable.  This is one bottle I won't be replenishing if I ever finish it.

MY RATING:  6/10

Fragrance House:  Aramis

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