Friday, July 20, 2012

Cuba Royal

This is vile.  It smells like a grape flavored lollipop.  This is a shame, because if you spray Cuba Royal on paper, it fills the room with a decent sweet tobacco scent.  Plus, my wife says it smells good on me. 

The problem is, I'm the one who has to wear this, and when I do, it smells like hard candy.  Like hard candy made purely of chemicals.  If this is a tobacco fragrance, then it must be the smell of Swisher Sweets, the worst cheap-ass cigars money can buy.  I'm wearing it right now, and I can't wait to go to bed and get up tomorrow morning so I can take a shower and wash it off.

I'm giving Cuba Royal a 3 rating, rather than a 1, because it does smell okay on paper, and since my wife likes it on me, maybe it's my sense of smell that's ruining it for me.  Also, the big cigar shaped bottle is awesome.

MY RATING:  3/10

Fragrance House:  Cuba Paris


  1. The the Cuba line seems very hit or miss from what I hear. Something similar you may be interested in (if not already on your radar) is Cigar by Remy Latour.

    I haven't worn this on my skin, but gave it a quick sniff in a TJ Maxx awhile back, got my attention, but being in my late 20's wasn't sure I could pull it off.

  2. Oh, I'm well aware of Cigar. I love it! There's no competition - Cigar beats Cuba Royal's ass easily.

    I do like Cuba Paris' Cuba Red, Cuba Gold and Cuba Blue fragrances, however. Their Cuba Black is horrendous, though.

  3. Perhaps a triumph of packaging style over substance? I've been meaning to try these as I see them all the time at Marshalls, but so far haven't. I used the smoke Swisher Sweets when I was in high school. They tasted . . . interesting. Smelled okay, though. I wonder if the noses behind these inexpensive tobacco frags get hung up on trying to create a scent that utilizes both the taste, and the smell, of those fruit-flavored cheapy cigars. I think they'd be better served to attempt replication of smell, and avoid adding touches of taste, whenever possible. Just because candy tastes pleasant doesn't mean our noses share the love.

  4. I have read that Cuba Royal is supposed to be a 1 Million knockoff, but I have never smelled Cuba Royal myself.

  5. I've never smelled 1 Million, so I'm stumped too!

  6. What does Cuba blue smell like ? I own cuba red and cuba green which I both like ( cuba gold not really).

    1. Cuba Blue is pretty good too, and it smells like a carbon copy of Chrome by Azzaro.

  7. I actually like Cuba Royal, but it is very sweet. I get the tobacco pretty strong on my skin though. When I first sprayed it on today I was already wearing Bijan so I decided to layer it on my arms with a fresh spray of Bijan. I like this Bijan/Cuba Royal combo.