Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It's a good thing this Hummer fragrance is currently being sold for rock bottom prices.  Otherwise, I think it would be hard to convince most perfume enthusiasts to sample a fragrance named after the most obnoxious automobile ever created.  I hate Hummers, and if it weren't for the fact that I was able to buy my huge 4.2 oz. bottle for like $15 a couple of years ago, I probably would never have tried it.  I would have just assumed it sucked.

Apparently a lot of people do think Hummer cologne sucks, judging from the reviews I've read.  It seems to be another love/hate fragrance, but I have to think some of the hate is fueled by the fact that it's called Hummer.  That's because, all things considered, this is actually a relatively safe, inoffensive scent.  Although I really like Hummer, it doesn't do anything all that new or daring.

Hummer is a spicy, sweet lavender fragrance, and probably even falls into the "sport fragrance" category.  Basically you get strong lavender on top of sweet tonka bean and sandalwood in the base.  Aromatics like patchouli, pepper, cedar and cardamom are blended in to provide a spicy edge to the whole scent.  I find that as Hummer develops over time, the spices become more prominent, and they create a really enjoyable drydown when they blend in with the sandalwood.

What I really like about Hummer is how its sweetness (which it gets from the tonka bean), though strong, never becomes cloying or heavy.  It blends well with the lavender in the beginning, and then with all the aromatic notes and the sandalwood later on.  Rather than producing a candy-sweet, gourmand smell, the sweetness in Hummer is much drier, and is more manly and Brut-like.  Granted, I'll admit that at first sniff Hummer smells a lot like an Axe body wash.  However, the spicy notes lift Hummer above that by providing more complexity.  Besides, even the biggest perfume snob will admit that some of those Axe body washes do smell pretty good.  It almost goes without saying that Hummer smells very masculine.

If this sounds like something you might like, you can make a blind purchase without doing much damage to your wallet.  Assuming you like the way it smells, Hummer represents good value because it has strong sillage and lasts a good six or seven hours on my skin.

I don't wear Hummer all that often, but sometimes I just want to throw on something that smells clean, masculine and not daring.  Hummer is a really satisfying scent when I'm in that mood.

MY RATING:  8/10

Fragrance House:  Riviera Concepts

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