Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jaguar Classic

In my post below about reviewing fresh fragrances, I mentioned how I often buy fragrances without trying them first, simply because the price is right.  Jaguar Classic is a case in point.  How many of you have seen this being sold for cheap and wondered what it smells like? 

This thing has been thoroughly trashed in the reviews on Basenotes, but I don't care.  I like it.  It's not very unique, but what it does it does well.  It combines fougere, oriental, floral, spicy and fresh fragrance styles all into one, and results in a rather enjoyable scent.

It starts off smelling sweet and creamy like Le Male, but quickly the smell of anise and ginger cut right through all that sweetness and balance things out nicely.  For a couple of hours, Classic smells like a much lighter and more refined Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme - powdery, spicy, white floral and somewhat sweet, but still dry at the same time.  It smells fresh without smelling synthetic or like chlorine.  I especially like how it maintains the powdery spicy smell while remaining very light.

In the drydown the powderiness dissipates and is taken over by the usual woody musk base.  The musk is subtle, merely providing a soft cushion for some sharp smelling woody notes.  The freshness and lightness remain, and finish the scent off nicely.

Reviewers have compared Jaguar Classic to the smell of nail varnish and bug spray.  I don't smell anything like that at all.  Obviously it uses some synthetic materials - almost all perfumes do - but they don't dominate.  Jaguar Classic does a commendable job in being able to balance the natural with the synthetic quite well.

Nothing groundbreaking here, but considering the low price and the relative refinement of the scent, you could do a lot worse for your money.

MY RATING:  7/10

Fragrance House:  Jaguar

P.S.  To avoid confusion, you should know that this fragrance, when it was first released in 2002, used to be called "Jaguar Eau de Toilette", in a similarly colored box and somewhat similar bottle to what you see above. What is now known as "Jaguar Classic" is simply the re-launch of "Jaguar Eau de Toilette".

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