Thursday, July 19, 2012

James Bronnley Gentlemen's Eau de Toilette

"Gentlemen's Eau de Toilette" is right.  This is one of the most refined and delicate fragrances for men I've ever smelled.  Every note of this scent was handled with such a careful, restrained hand, it's almost as if the perfumer were apologizing every time he added an ingredient to the formula. 

All kidding aside, Bronnley's cologne is a lovely, highly sophisticated scent.  This is a very green, dry floral citrus fragrance, with an emphasis on the floral.  In fact, some men might be uncomfortable wearing something that has such a strong emphasis on floral notes - I wouldn't call this a feminine scent, but it's not the kind of thing you'll smell and immediately think, "Wow, that is really manly!"  It takes restrained confidence in the way you carry yourself to be able to pull off wearing this with conviction.

There are a lot of things I love about this cologne.  First, it smells very green - always a good thing in my book!  There's heavy use of lime in the top notes, but somehow the fragrance is able to sustain that lime green smell for a long time, into the drydown.  I can't tell what floral notes are in this, but the cologne smells like crushed green flower stems blended with lime, bergamot and moss.  It is delightful.

Even though I tend to prefer strong, bulldozing fragrances, I love the subtlety of this fragrance, and how quiet it is.  This is one of those classy scents that quietly floats close to the skin, never broadcasting that it's there.  I can just faintly detect some dry spicy and woody notes in here somewhere, like they're floating around way off in the distance.  Bronnley is apparently trying to keep the full list of notes a secret, listing "green notes" and "woody notes" in its scent description.  One other thing I can smell is an arid tobacco note in the background, which adds color and texture to the overall scent.

Bronnley's cologne is a masterful work, and a joy to wear.  Fans of green scents need to check it out.  It joins the honored ranks of discreet, quiet and refined fragrances for men that include Quartz Pour Homme, Patrick and Monsieur de Givenchy.  It is the definition of a timeless classic.

MY RATING:  8.5/10

Fragrance House:  Bronnley

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