Monday, July 9, 2012

L'Essence de Cerruti

"L'Essence" is the perfect way of describing this scent.  It's one of those fragrances that, when you smell it, you can't tell exactly what it is, or what's in it.  In this case, we're talking about leather - you won't immediately think "Oh yes, that's leather I'm smelling".  It shares no resemblance to the big leather perfumes like Knize Ten or Trussardi Uomo, which are blatantly obvious leathers.  No, what you are smelling is the essence - a hint, or basic concept - of leather: L'Essence de Cerruti.

This is such a light fragrance, it just barely registers on the leather scale.  This is about as light a leather fragrance can be before it no longer qualifies as a leather; it's very dry, transparent and quiet, qualities that are rarely associated with leathers.  The only other leather scent I can think of that acheives a similar effect would be Ferrari Uomo (see my review).  It smells clean and crisp, like a freshly ironed white button-down shirt, and it has the same understated classiness.  The leather smells light and dry due to its careful blending with wood and very subtle floral notes.  The only reason I can distinguish this as a leather scent is because it has a very discreet oily and semi-sweet smell, which for me is the telltale scent of a leather fragrance.

Don't judge this until you have a chance to wear it. I actually don't like the way L'Essence de Cerruti smells when I sniff my skin; it smells like leather mixed with toothpaste, an awful combination. No, this is an "aura" scent, like Azzaro Pour Homme and Giorgio For Men, meaning that its beauty comes from the cloud of scent that envelops you when you wear it, rather than what it smells like up close on your skin.  People will take note of the lovely, elegant, subtle trail of L'Essence de Cerruti you'll leave when you walk by, as opposed to running for cover from the battering ram sillage you get when you wear something like Marbert Man (see review below).

L'Essence de Cerruti is a soft, even peaceful fragrance to wear.  Its lovely wisps of scent you'll get all day will make you feel good, give you some peace of mind, and have you consantly thinking to yourself, "Man, I smell great."

MY RATING:  8.5/10

Fragrance House:  Cerruti

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